Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Wallace Pregnancy – Week 21

Everyone’s heard it before – and it is true.  Being pregnant with baby #2 is WAY different than baby #1.  Not only do you feel way different, you no longer have those delightful evenings of coming home from work, kicking your feet up, and waiting for hubby to prepare you dinner and graciously attend to your every need, but life is just busier.  Way busier.  There are long stretches of time when I completely forget that I am pregnant!  Poor sweet baby #2.  But, in an effort to document this pregnancy (half way in…better late than never, right?!) – I am taking the lead from a friend and attempting to update every week.  Wish me luck!

At week 21 of growth, baby Wallace:

Is the length of a carrot (10 1/2 inches), weighing in at 3/4 lb.

Most amazing baby change this week: Baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are formed!

Baby activity: Haven’t really felt the stereotypical “fluttering” feelings with this baby at all.  For the past 4 weeks or so, I’ve felt the “swimming in the ocean” type movement from baby.  Trying to be more mindful of movements, as there is not much downtime!

Abi updates: She is quite convinced that baby is a boy.  She loves to say good morning to the baby.  It melts our heart.  She really will be amazing.  She is just so gentle and loving to all of her “baby friends.”

IMG_5857 IMG_5859


Jennifer Hubley said...

You are so funny! I was just about to post something to the same effect! I'm 21 weeks and this baby has only made one appearance on the blog. I've got to get with it! So, if you read something similar to your post on our blog don't be surprised! Can't wait to get together.

The Neaves' said...

YAY!! Your baby bump is presh!!

Kirby said...

So glad you're doing this! You are just ahead of me! HOW FUN! And...loving that baby belly!