Friday, September 3, 2010

All American Tuesday

So, we’ve started this little “tradition.”  It’s really been an evolution of thought for us.  Even though we call it “All American Tuesday” the event actually takes place on Wednesdays now because of donald’s class schedule (hooray, for the last year of MBA! – actually, it’s been a pretty incredible time for our little family).  So here’s the deal – we are trying (remember, an evolution here) to eat healthier, being more mindful of what we are putting in our body, how those goods are produced, basically seeking some good balance.  Our dilemma that we’ve found in this: we really love a good bag of Cheetos (yikes food dye, nasty mass produced, preservatives, etc. etc.) every now and then, we L.O.V.E desserts, and find that if we try and completely refrain all of the time, it leads to feelings of guilt and cravings.  Not good.  So, we practice a bit of freedom once a week – and believe me we have fun planning it and really look forward to it!  We cook something yummy – it’s not always healthy – get pumped about the dessert (which is an essential), and kick back with some good ol’ TV (another evolution, as we are trying to limit the amount of TV watching the rest of the week) and just enjoy one another.

(Recipes that I clip or my momma sends me are stored in a box…abi got a hold of that box)



Dinner one Tuesday (or wednesday, I don’t remember!)…


Did I mention that we really love the dessert part?

Little shout out for the cups here: 1) Phi Lamb Birthday Cup, a dear and incredibly unique sorority experience at our beloved A&M and 2) Hairspray – when my dear hubby bought me a ridiculously overpriced pop in NYC during intermission while seeing Hairspray b/c I was so thirsty while visiting our beloved Kristian & Katy – I love these cups.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies…no flour…score!!  Hehe, doesn’t it look like SJP is trying to eat the cookies or at least envious that she can’t have any??

IMG_5235IMG_5236 SAM_0967


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