Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deconstructing Criticism

Someone recently said this to me (Donald):

"Its unfortunate that you have the personality that you do, especially considering the way you look."

Please don't feel sad for me (well, okay, maybe you can a little), I think this quote is really funny, I just have no idea what to do with it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Video...

I had to get another post up. I was getting creeped out by our own blog every time I pulled it up! So, I thought I'd combat my "creeped-outness" with a video that I find myself watching quite a bit when I'm at home / listening to the song as a prayer for our family.

Chris Tomlin didn't write this song, but it is his voice in the video. We heard this song for the first time a few months ago in church, and I feel as though it has served as a gentle reminder of what the hearts of those in His church should feel drawn to and hopeful for as we reside in areas surrounded by those who are lost and desperately seeking love and acceptance. I am encouraged and amazed by the greatness of our God and his consistency in my life.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well, sorry Anne. I logged onto YouTube to check out Jason Upton and what I found... unbelievable. He does seem really cool... these kids, do not.

Maternity Leave (sorta)

There they are, my wonderful wife and baby on their way to work at the zoo... for the last time! Now, I am sure that they will be back at the zoo a lot as our little Abi grows, and we still don't know if Angela will be back at the zoo working after her FMLA runs out... so the separation is not quite as intense as you might expect... but come on, she works at the zoo! Yesterday she pet, PET!, a rhinocerous for work. Anyway, it is still certainly a milestone and it is bittersweet for Angela for sure. Not only does she work at a super-cool, super-fun place... but the people she works with have become very dear to her (and visa-versa). But today, we celebrate as our due date is only two weeks away! Next week, Angela will work from home... and then its all baby, all the time! This is a wonderful feeling!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristian!

Today is truly a day of celebration for there few men in this world like Kristian Brian Rose. He really is an amazing man and an amazing friend. I count myself marvelously blessed to have known him through so much and that I have the honor to continue down life's path calling him friend. Now I want to be particularly verbose at this point so that there is more time for him to really think, "Gee, after being friends with me for so many years... does he really not know my middle name?" haha, I really hope I got you. Happy Birthday Kristian Bryant, we love you and miss you very much.