Monday, June 29, 2009

A whole new world

Well, at least a whole new backyard – but it feels like a new world to us!  We’ve been desperate for a backyard for quite some time – but these things take patience, time, and money!  But, we found a great local place nearby who gave us an excellent deal on our sod (we ended up ordering not quite enough!) and we’re on our way to a real backyard!

Some before pictures:

IMG_7949 IMG_7951

Look at us now!

IMG_7976 IMG_7974


It is truly the little things.  I love our grass.  Goodness, this really should be my first installment of a series “Lessons from Lanshire” really, that could be the title of our blog.  This house has been a teacher in so many ways.  Delightful ways, convicting ways.  The Lord has certainly used this “thing” to show us some simple joys and real struggles.  So my Lesson from Lanshire #1 is this – to keep your eyes open to the simple joys and pleasures of life.  Putting your feet in the grass ( much better than dirt!); appreciating vivid color (grass never looked so green to me!); laugh with your child as they explore something new!  As ridiculous as this sounds – I sincerely hope that I allow myself to gain simple lessons and reminders from this grass for years to come!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cheap Friday

This actually occurred last Friday; but figured that this Friday was just as appropriate to post our happenings!

Cheap Friday (evening) was marked with a delightful trip to the Dollar Store (haha, slightly ghetto but very practical – and very cheap!) to buy some little wash clothes for abi’s face/hands – as she is becoming a messier and messier eater!  But, we have so much fun perusing the aisles and seeing all that you can get for a dollar!  Here I am drinking from a funky straw – one of our many purchases for $7. 08.


Now, we are also always somewhat frustrated – we can only imagine that these “creations” do not always originate from fair working conditions – but neither do those items found at Target or Walmart – and I just don’t know where to get more affordable goods (which  the affordable aspect is a financial reality at this point in our lives) while ensuring that there is equality and fairness behind it.  We blame our parents generation for not caring enough in the ‘80s when all of the “cheap goods” exploded on the market – easier to blame them then ourselves :)

But, I digress – back to cheap friday.  After the Dollar Store, a quick stop at Albertsons to get the rest of the fixin’s for Donald’s pre-father’s Day meal (since we were celebrating at his parents house the following evening).  Which wasn’t entirely cheap – but definitely cheaper than going out to dinner – so, it still deserves to be included in cheap friday.  Donald’s main wish for this meal: Cheese.  I did my best to deliver.  (OH, it was really healthy too)



And then, the best find of cheap friday:  Painted, clay pots!  I love that we have bulk-pick-up (for free!) in Dallas.  Every third week.  I love this because sometimes you have something to throw away that just won’t fit into those darn trash bins (for us, our demo’d bathroom, an old fence, tree trimmings, etc) but also because another man’s trash becomes your treasure.  This rang true for us as we were walking home.  Check out this find!!

IMG_7826 IMG_7827

I LOVE THEM!  We were planning on buying some similar pots anyway – but now we’ve recycled (one of my favorite pastimes) and saved about one hundred (plus) dollars (another wallace pastime)!

Now only if cheap friday could become cheap monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc. !!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Wallaces aka The Arborists

So in the motivation to save some money, plus we really do enjoy learning ALL (trust me, it’s extensive!) that goes into taking care of a house in general, but especially one that hasn’t had much TLC in the past 15 years – we decided to try and trim (parts) of our trees ourselves!  Donald did an awesome job – special thanks to his parents for owning a pole saw and thus us not having to go and purchase one – and now we have a bit more sun and slightly healthier (we hope!) trees!

Our pecan tree:

IMG_7690IMG_7696 IMG_7694

We have amazing neighbors for multiple reasons, but the reason that stood out that night was that Todd saved Donald’s life and perhaps the life of our dear Phoenix.

IMG_7702 IMG_7706

IMG_7710 IMG_7711

Monday, June 22, 2009

We’re SMUing!!

Well, after lots of prayers, thoughts, and real hard thinking – we’ve decided that Donald’s heading back to school in the fall!  Overall, we’re really excited, but a bit anxious about what the next two years will look like for our family.  Thankfully, Bank of America is motivated to keep donald around (I knew there were some super smart people there!) and so they are willing to work with his school schedule – since he’ll be attending SMU full time.  However, we still don’t know if I’ll head back to the working world on my current part time level (haha, well now I’m part-part time; so I’d have to up that a bit) or full time.  Depends on how generous the city of dallas is to me / what we can financially swing.  So, here’s to the next two years full of studying, LEARNING (both donald and I), trusting, learning flexibility, and being thankful for the Lord’s provision and opportunities for our family.


Friday, June 19, 2009

One Rose, Two Rose, THREE ROSES!

One Rose:


Two Rose:




Now just substitute Abi for a little, precious someone else– and you get the idea!  Our dear Roses are going to welcome a baby in January!  We are overjoyed for them and are so excited to share in their joy as they journey through life as a three member family.  We love baby Rose so much already, and praise God for the remarkable family he or she will be placed into.  YAY!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Visit from the Potters

Special thanks to the Potters for making the long and treacherous drive from San Antonio to Dallas this past weekend to have a mini reunion of the 409 plus wives!  (Dearest Kristian and Katy, you were missed greatly).  Literally – Steven and Jodee were at one point driving behind the storm tracker car with all of the gadgets on its roof!  But, they arrived in dallas safe and sound – and we had a great weekend catching up with our world-traveling buddies!

The bounty brought from the Potter Garden:


Participating in a favorite Potter past-time:  games! (Abi was awake during this game, so my involvement was minimal – but, thanks to Jodee for being an active tag-teamer – ensuring the J/A victory!




Thanks friends for the visit – now just move on up to Dallas!

Friday, June 12, 2009

as in love as ever



Angela is the best wife a man could hope for… and I can’t imagine a child being better than Abi.  I am in love.

Summer Reading

I love to read, don’t make near enough time for it as I should, but I do love it.  Especially Jane Austen.  Ahhhh, Jane.  I am currently in the middle of two books right now (not the wisest decision, I regret it each time I behave this way) which are: “Same Kind of Different as Me” (very vogue read right now, haha) and the Mark of the Lion trilogy - must make a plug for the wonderful Francine Rivers right now.  These books of hers are delightful, not near as fantastic as Redeeming Love (a MUST read), but they are excellent, and you’ll learn a great deal about history too!  But, thanks to Oprah and her online book club – I’m going to try and read these titles over the next few months, interspersed with Parents Magazine, random parenting books, and sadly my stupid People prescription (from running the 1/2 marathon) until it runs out. 




I would welcome any other suggestions after these!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back home from back home

Abi and I arrived back from our little weekend jaunt to MI last weekend – haha, and we’re not super anxious to make the trip as a twosome again!  She was such a good girl – but thanks to the industry making sure every plane is FULL – we were both not enjoying having only a square foot or so to move around.  Thankfully Donald will be with us next time!

I went home for my dear friend Lindsay’s bridal shower – it was wonderful to celebrate with her and to share in the excitement of her approaching wedding day!  I feel like these occasions slow down life a bit.  You’re able to see a picture book of your life, which is really special!  Being back at my childhood home, sharing that with Abi, calling the girls who were watching Abi (who I used to babysit for!) to make sure that Abi was doing OK during my friend from middle school’s bridal shower – talk about surreal!  Wonderfully surreal.

Michigan is at its best in the summer, we enjoyed time and love from my parents and grandma and are anxious to be back in July for the wedding!

IMG_7424 IMG_7427

Eating at one of my favorite Rochester spots – Red Knapp’s Dairy Bar – my grandma and Grandpa used to go here on dates!  Pictured above is a shot from the beginnings…(Donald is going to say that this is very “small town”)

IMG_7435 IMG_7430

Attending the Farmer’s Market with my grandma and mom – also found out that my grandpa used to sell things here too when he was growing up!  (Again, here chimes in donald - “small town”)


With the soon-to-be-bride!


Emma quickly realized that hanging out next to Abi was the best place for easy food


Hanging out in the backyard



With the lovely Neiheisel ladies

Where it all began for me – The Detroit Zoo (yep, lest you forget – it’s still Michigan, you have to wear layers in the summer)


IMG_7518 IMG_7500 IMG_7506

Just walking down the street…


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memorial Day

Nothing like posting almost 2 weeks after the fact.  BUT, it was a good day.  I think worthy of a post twelve days late.

Every time a holiday that seems to be somewhat centered on war and defense comes around, I am always conflicted.  Donald and I discussed this quite a bit this year, and I feel no less conflicted (unfor. – I wish I would have come out of our discussion with answers to all of life’s scenarios that pull on your heart and soul).  I am ever thankful that men and women are/were inspired to be a part of something that is larger than themselves.  And not even knowing my family, they sign up – for whatever reason – to protect those of whom they’ll never lay eyes on.  That is courageous and brave.  I am grateful.  I know I take for granted many of the freedoms that I am given simply by being born in this country.  However, I know that war must grieve the heart of the Lord.  That seeing lives taken over such circumstances is horrific.  I am thus torn.  Memorial Day is a kettle of unsettled feelings for me.

BUT, we did have fun day with Donald off, Grandparents having pools, Grandparents’ neighbors having horses, and Dallas providing the Orchestra and fireworks!

IMG_7233  IMG_7250 IMG_7253 IMG_7257

(she made her momma proud, she wasn’t scared of the horses at all!)

IMG_7261 IMG_7265 IMG_7285 IMG_7308 IMG_7327