Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer is…


Getting delicious shaved ice…


and being with friends…(oh wow, look at those bright red lips!)



and getting really sweaty and hot playing and therefore ensuring a stellar night’s sleep!

*Last year it was such a fun mini-task to capture moments from the everyday during summer…here’s to trying to do that again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little group, a little freedom, a whole lotta good!

In an effort to blog in real time…

So, this book ‘7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess’ has been such a great and unexpected blessing!  I had begun hearing about this book from my sister-in-law Jenny – and then literally,  SO many people whom I love and respect have mentioned it to me.  It’s one of those books that you almost begin reading with a bit of trepidation; because you know you won’t be able to be the same afterwards.  You can’t claim naivety to certain issues, your heart will become burdened on certain subjects; life won’t look the same.

My good friend Jaklin and I had been talking about trying to organize some sort of group to casually read through the book together – so we had a community to bounce ideas off of while we journeyed through the group.  And then, organizing a group through church fell in our laps!  AWESOME!

This week (I’m 1/2 way through, will write more later on this journey!): clothes.  You pick 7 items of clothing out of the hundreds that we all own and only wear them (read no accessories, however I am claiming freedom in this area and wearing one pair of earrings).  (Minus those undergarments, PJ’s, and whatever else you feel like claiming the Lord’s freedom in!).  Here is my wardrobe for 7 days:


Flowery dress (a totally impractical addition, but I was out of town at a wedding this weekend!) / white shorts / jeans (yes, even though it’s summer in TX…remember the wedding/plane!) / khaki shirt / navy blue shirt / casual pink dress.  7th item = shoes.  Mostly my birkenstocks (feel free to judge, but they’re darn comfy and I love ‘em!) / however I did have a pair of dressy flats that I wore to the wedding.

It’s already been fantastic!  A great talking point with Abi / feeling solidarity with delightful ladies at church / having a super light suitcase for the weekend away / washing things out by hand.  Haha, because I’m an accidental slob and my delightful husband did ALL the laundry while I was away therefore forcing me to wash items out by hand because it wouldn’t be very “simple” of me to run the laundry machine for 2 items of clothing!

Blogging friends who are in on this little experiment with me:  Jaklin / Holly / Elaine.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Butterfly Release

So, it’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am moved and awed by nature.  Just part of my crazy.  I am really happy to say that it seems as though both of my kiddos are the same way.  VICTORY!

This little friend came home with abi from school one day:

(oops – thought I had a picture of the chrysalis…imagine a chrysalis image here!)

Anyhow – a chrysalis came home from school – then traveled to Fort Worth (which was funny b/c that was a HOT day, but I wasn’t going to travel home first to drop off our little friend – so they had to brave it in the car with cracked windows – fingers crossed!).  With the Fort Worth experience, I didn’t know what to expect…I didn't want to build the whole thing up in case the heat was too much for our little butterfly.

BUT…one morning we woke up – and this is what we saw!

IMG_6345 IMG_6346

SO COOL!  We were all pumped!!  (Probably more than what is normal…but as stated earlier…we don’t really fall into the normal in this category!)

After school, we swung by the nursery and grabbed some butterfly-lovin’ plants - because we wanted our yard to be a haven for “abi the butterfly” (guess who named her?!) – and we were set for her release…



And she just needed a bit of coaxing  /we weren’t going to let Abi not touch (on her legs) her special butterfly!