Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Luxury of Grace

A few weekends ago we went to an AMAZING wedding.  Everything about it was phenomenal.

Ceremony = there was a boy choir singing, talk about fairy-tale-esque

Flowers = oh my goodness, I could go on and on about these, don’t get me started

Food = divine

Reception = unreal, simply put

But, what Doons & I were struck by and encouraged with was that with all of this amazing luxury that we were able to participate in and benefit from – it is just a sampling of the luxury that we are able to inherit because of our claim to being children of God.  The grace that we have received now and will continue to receive is a far greater luxury than anything that this world can offer.

And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

John 1:16


My wonderful friend, Sarah (her brother was the groom)  Thank you, Houston, for my poofy hair

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Oh my goodness, first…watch this video.  Amazing.  I am moved and thankful for those who have acted on the call of the Lord on their lives and have moved to Haiti to love.  Simply love.

WOW  - right?!  My heart is so moved and is so broken over the grace that I’ve been given and the beauty in the eyes of these women.

SO, check out this post and then go vote here

To quote from Heather’s blog:

With a little bit of help, we could win a 50 thousand dollar private grant that would allow our program to expand.  All we need is your vote and your assistance spreading the word.  Will you help some fellow Aggies BTHO of the orphan crisis in Haiti?  Please take two seconds (that's really all it takes), go to Giving of Life's website, and vote for Heartline.  It takes one click to vote.  Then will you spread the word and ask other Aggies to vote as well?

Aren’t Aggies just the best??!!  What a silly question…

So, go vote…and repost…and then spread the word some more!

Monday, September 19, 2011

My LITTLE journey with a cookbook

I think I’m channeling the movie Julie & Julia here.  I’m inspired.  I love to cook (by no means great, but I like to learn!) and I like goals.  So, working through a cookbook sounds like a good  idea to me!  Or at least interesting.  I’m not going to copy the idea presented in the book/movie exactly (my life really doesn’t allow for that / I don’t think it’d be good for my family!) – but I do want to try and cook through a cookbook.  I’m guessing that I’ll be done in a few years.  That sounds kind of depressing, but somewhat hopeful too!  I guess there is a reason why goals are supposed to be a shorter period of time…feel free to ask me if I’m still doing this in a year!

Here’s my co-conspirator:


First stop: Apple Tart with an almond crust.

PS – I didn’t make my own pie crust; please don’t tell my Grandma!  I actually really do love making pie crusts – it reminds me of happy memories with my delightful Grandma, but it just takes a long time!  Time is not something in abundance these days!

*I don’t think that I’m going to type out every recipe.  Honestly, that just seems like so much work…and I’m wondering if that’s technically illegal since I’d be typing out an entire book?  Not really sure on that…so I’ll go with the lazy excuse! 

*If you want any of the recipe(s)…please come over and I’ll make it again.  Or, I’ll just email it to you :)


The Apple Tart was pretty straight forward, especially with the whole-bunch-of-cheating that I did and used a store brought crust.  The finely chopped and blended almonds on the bottom was delicious and I would definitely incorporate that aspect again. 

Cutting that many apples is just a plain pain-in-the-hiney.  But baked apples?  Oh, well worth it.

The glaze that was applied after was just amazing.  And when do I have an excuse to buy preserves?  Not near enough.  Called for a liqueur, but I didn’t have it – and neither did Albertson’s.  And I just didn’t feel like driving. 


Alrighty, one down.  Just a few hundred (or so) left…

Friday, September 9, 2011

Talk about a contrast…

My most favorite fruit…


I could go through all this in about 2 days.  No really…I could.


I think I have some nostalgia issues with watermelon.  It brings back good memories and therefore I love it.  Running around in the summer (you see, in Michigan, you actually can run around in the summer) with my friends with red, watermelon juice dripping off our arms (sounds kinda country…donald would say that’s my “small town” talking) playing kick the can / having seed spitting contests on the 4th of July (hmmm, I really am sounding country now) – well, you get the picture.  Good times.  I love watermelon.  They embody summer.

So strange that on the same day that all of this watermelon enjoying is happening…there’s also some enjoying of this:

image image

That’s some pumpkin latte action.  Amen.  (Well, not Abi…she digs chocolate milk in a paper cup with straw…and yes, our favorite Aggie barista knows her drink and how she likes it when he sees her…maybe we grab coffee too much?)

Happy Fall-ish weather / Fall drinks / Summer yummy!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day

Peaceful morning, the house is quiet.  I’m making baby-girl’s lunch thinking “How in the world am I making her lunch for her to take to school?”  That seems crazy to me.  She is getting so big, so fast.


And the rest of the morning?  I wish it was as calm and as smooth as this morning at 6 am.  Alas, not the case.  But, the Lord is good to me – my heart was thankful and my soul was calm.  Red lights seemed to steer clear of me as we drove downtown, allowing us to arrive almost on time.  This was a mercy as I didn’t allow enough wiggle room for baby brother’s overly active bowels since solids were introduced.  (Sorry ‘bout that, just keeping it real).  And then I showed up 30 minutes late for bible study.  Oh well, we’ll try again next week.  And sweet lady is tired (and a bit grumpy) as we prepare her for nap.  This is OK, there is grace and momma’s arms for the tired.

Oh yes, and here’s our house.  It’s a product of the crazy.


Clothes dumped out of above bag to make room…why do I have a dress-up dress with me?  It’s just a part of mothering a three year old girl.


And the crazy sink…about to go fix that right now…sweet hubby cleaned them all last night for me (bless that man) – and I never put them away.  I just grabbed the dishes as I needed them!  But, such is life, right?


Friday, September 2, 2011

The English by the sea

Our relatives from England were in town and we went aquarium-ing! 

Note: It is good to ‘go aquarium-ing’ when…

1) School is back in session and you essentially have the place to yourselves

2) When it’s still so, so hot outside that air-conditioning seems like your best friend

3) When you have kind friends who work there and treat your family extra special!


IMG_2233 IMG_2235


My kind friend, Tom, showing us all the bonnet head sharks that were just born early that morning!


IMG_2246 IMG_2248 IMG_2255


We had so much fun!  We hope to pay them a visit for the 2012 Olympics in London!