Thursday, October 7, 2010

5 years

It is hard to believe.  5 years of marriage.  October first 5 years ago was such a beautiful, significant day in life.  Just another day for so many, but the start of something amazing for us.  It has been a journey of 5 years – laughter, learning, sharing, experiencing, and being overwhelmed with the grace that has been bestowed on us.  I can not imagine (nor do I want to!) the person I would be without my donald.  The Lord’s grace and mercy has been shown so clearly in using that wonderful man to shape and teach me.  5 years of love, much love.

Day One:



Year 5:

IMG_5861 IMG_5863

What a hubby I have – classic attire.  He is truly the best.  Makes me laugh and feel so loved.  The morning of our anniversary…and that afternoon we departed for: IRELAND!!  More on that to come, oh my goodness, what an amazing country.  We’re in love.


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