Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Homecoming, dear Oslo

This day has extremely meaningful significance for our country, it is hard to imagine that it was 9 years ago when that horrible and painful event occurred.  We are thankful for the beautiful reminders of humanity, grace and love that persevered – when the power of the human spirit and our Lord’s loving-kindness endured throughout the pain and shock.

Our little family also remembers this day 4 years ago, when out little Oslo rode down Central, heading home to Villa Rosa, panting all the way home (we couldn’t decide if he was really that stressed or just that thirsty) – he went through Chick-fil-a drive through too!

DSCN1692 Wallace2007 087

Donald would hate this (he doesn’t even like it when I refer to Oslo as “Oslo Wallace”) – even though he really does love his redheaded male buddy – but it is so funny to think about how much we babied Oslo when he was just a kitten.  We took him everywhere.  Kind of like a little kid, really.  So funny.  Much easier maintenance than a baby, though.


Oslo gets allergies in September every year (look at his poor red eyes here!).  His first year he was so so sick.  True to form, a few days ago he began sneezing again.  Oh dear Oslo, repetition is semi-comforting – albeit annoying for you.


I don’t even think Oslo could get his rear end in here anymore…


For Halloween, Oslo was a mummy…I told you, we treated him like a child.


Ahhh, look at him now.  All of him.  Hehe, actually don’t call my kitty fat, he’s pleasantly plump, please.  Just sitting outside Abi’s door while she was sleeping.  He is a dream dog-cat.  We love him.  Happy Homecoming, Os.

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