Sunday, May 8, 2011


So thankful to be a part of this beautiful sisterhood.  To feel abundantly blessed because I have been given the honor of bandaging scrapped knees, wiping away sweet tears, giving endless hugs, and being amazed at being a part of this wondrous cycle.


I am overwhelmed today reflecting on the many woman who have mothered me.  Some recently, some in times long gone, some who are sisters yet still teach me and love me.  Grateful.


For my momma & Grandma – their love over me is powerful and wonderful.  I learn more and more of what a gracious presence they were in my life as I mother my own two beauties.  Thankful.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Weddings

I think I’ve been excited to watch this wedding since I was about 11 and saw a picture of Prince William and thought “oh, he’s cute.”  I was ready, at 3 AM, to let the show begin!


My sweet hubby moved our nifty little Ikea couch out to the main room so that I didn’t have to move far in order to watch the wedding!  I know – I’m silly.

3:30 – heated up my beloved kettle, and enjoyed tea and scones (made by my fantastic, British, mother-in-love)!  I’m not going to lie – watching the Royal wedding while eating scones made by a former British citizen was excellent in my book!


And then my little beauties awoke at 7.  But, in enough time to see the kiss!  Abi LOVED that she was watching a prince and princess.  I just love her.


Still…the most beautiful little princess that I’ve ever seen.  Please note the nightgown that she chose after I told her what we’d be watching the following morning.


What a fun morning.  I was so sad when it was over!  The imagery and the hope that it stirred were beautiful, and I love that we all still love a good wedding.  There is something so beautiful in that.  Our hearts love a wonderful, beautiful fairytale.  I am amazed at how the Lord reminds us of his love for us in these things.  That we are a part of the ultimate love story – a truly beautiful and magnificent truth.