Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nothin’ like Labor Day a few weeks late!

I’m not going to even apologize anymore…what would be the point?!  Instead, I am just going to embrace that I am a chronically late blog-poster, and just rest in that!  It’s all about documenting life anyway, right?!

Ahhh, labor day.  So long white-clothes, hello browns, oranges, and harvest tones.  There is something so wonderful in the rhythmic changes of the seasons.  I just love it.

We had an awesome Labor Day spent with one of my dear friends, Sarah, and her hubby and family.  We drove out to Opossum Kingdom Lake – so wonderful!  It reminded be quite a bit of Lake Travis with the fantastic rock cliffs.


Relaxing…yes, please.

IMG_5517 IMG_5541


Abi helping apply some Vitamin C to Rebekah’s arms…after applying mass amounts to her face and arms…she didn’t get the memo that vitamin C is pricey…


IMG_5528 IMG_5534

Oh, those red cheeks…bad mom alert!!!


We stopped on the drive home for dinner and to stretch our legs in Fort Worth…we love Fort Worth!  Such a relaxing, chill vibe.  Even though it’s only 45 minutes away, it always seems like such an event to go.  Maybe that’s OK.  We are always excited to drive west on I-30.

IMG_5553 IMG_5579

Apparently doons had a long day!


Walking around Sundance Square, on the best seat in Abi’s world.


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