Wednesday, August 27, 2008

War of the Libraries

For about a year now I've been saying that "I need to get a library card!" I have such fond memories of going to the library growing up, and was kind of hungry for that fun all over again as an adult! Plus, there's something rather exciting about being downtown and walking into a large library and seeing the thousands and thousands of books.

Well, I didn't go downtown - but I plan on doing that sometime soon! But, I did visit the local branch that is near our house. It had certainly been a long time since I visited a library. The people there are AWKWARD. I tried to sign up with our house's address, not our apartment's address - that was not OK. After about a three minute discussion with the man, I finally got a library card - but he won, and my account has an address that will only be good for another month or so. Abi started to make a little bit of noise while I was waiting - and he asked if I wanted to walk around outside so that she wouldn't make noises! It's 100 degrees outside! No, thank you. Oh, and then the dewi decimal system - sadly, it's only been 3 years since A&M, but I had to give myself a quick refresher as I was walking to the catalog!

Also, found out that I'm a bit of a library snob! Growing up, my local library had just been built, and it was awesome. Very high-tech, so many books, tons of reading nooks, a coffee house, and then floor to ceiling windows that face a river and beautiful woods. Not the case with the Dallas Public Library. Plus, it's never 100 degrees in Michigan, and the people were never awkward, only delightful. In addition, the library in Michigan had a huge salt water aquarium...the only animals I saw today were mosquitos.

Oh well, point for Michigan.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jersey Boys

Last night we went to go see Jersey Boys! It was really a fun and amazing time. Jersey Boys is a jukebox musical telling the stories of Frankie Valli and the original four seasons. We were really surprised by the music, there were so many hit songs created by this group. Here's the list:
Ces Soirees La'
Cry For Me
Big Girls Don't Cry
Walk Like a Man
Oh What a Night
My Eyes Adored You
Bye, Bye, Baby
C'Mon Marianne
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Working My Way Back to You
There were many more hits too, but those are some of the most notable. The music was fun for us, but not half as fun as it was for the more senior crowd in attendance! There was a woman in front of us who we were sure thought she was really at a Frankie Valli concert! She was getting accidentally up close and personal with the poor guy in front of us during every song! That's right... full out dancing at a musical. It was hysterical and rivaled the outstanding production we were there to see for the most entertaining event of the night. For the DFWstonians, we also tried out MoMo's on Knox (seafood appetizer, the trio, and the dessert with the cherries in it excellent... everything else, average).

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The above picture is the creation of our neighbor, Peck. To be kind and help us out, he made this treat the other night for us! He's a chef, so we knew it would be good - but we really can't tell you just how wonderful it was. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Donald and I were literally having a very intense discussion on who would get the last pieces (victory = Angela, I have a really kind hubby). Best homemade pizza EVER. In running for the top 5 pizzas that we've ever had.

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8th - A Great Day!

Well, this is a day we've been looking forward to for two main reasons:

1) Abi is one month old today! WHAT??!! I can't believe that is true. One month. Our lives have completely changed in this month. Sounds quite dramatic, but they really have! We are thinking about someone constantly who wasn't even in our physical lives before! It is so amazing, we are someone's parents. Our house now has these funky and adorable baby toys and gadgets everywhere (very strange), and we find ourselves being concerned about things that were such distant conversations before our sweet baby came into our lives! We can't wait for the next month of life.

2) The Olympics begin tonight! We've had lots of conversations and torn hearts regarding the games being held in Beijing. Our hearts break at the tragic events that are occuring in Darfur. Such sadness. This began a train of thought of whether I would even watch the games this year. But then we had the fantastic opportunity to visit our friends Steven & Jodee in Beijing and we saw the games in a different light. While the practices of the Chinese government supporting the Sudaneese government is contrary to what we would hope; we had the opportunity to see the Beijingren (the locals of Beijing) have such excitement and pride over the games coming to their city and country. And it made me get excited for the games all over again! So, tonight (and for the next 2 weeks) I will be anxiously awaiting the 2008 Olympic Games!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Helmet Clash!

Our dear old Ags are in a Helmet Clash! Follow the link and vote for A&M's helmet to beat Georgia's. Donald sent this to me...I would never have found a helmet clash on my own!

WHOOP and Gig 'Em!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fond Memories

I don't know what it is... but I have been thinking about our trip to Europe lately. Maybe it was seeing Steven a couple of nights ago, or maybe it was playing phone tag with Kristian for the last week or so (he was on the phone a certain someone at least 17% of the time we were in Europe). Anyway guys, thanks for the awesome memories, and the awesomer love we still share.

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