Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One year ago today…


Every time we prepare for another little Wallace to join our family I get super nostalgic.  And in actuality, I’m nostalgic quite a bit of the time anyway.  Remembering brings about joy and thankfulness – all good things.

IMG_0972 IMG_0980

And this is why we consider moving to California practically every day…


Enjoyed some “nostalgia time” with Abi & Doons today – thankful for beautiful memories.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Whenever I hear the word ‘eclipse’ I want to start singing “…a total eclipse of the heart…”  It brings back middle school memories. Ahhh, there – I’ve got that out of my system.

Because of the science/nature nerd in me – when I heard that the solar eclipse would be visible this past week; well, I had plans to see it.

This is what the lucky few in North Texas saw:

That is not what abi & I saw.


Oh well.

We walked outside at 8:15 – a comfortable 5 minutes before the eclipse was supposed to happen – and apparently I had overestimated how generous the hill on our street was; because we could not see anything!  Well, except for a pretty spectacular sky.  But, that was not the point of our 8:15 jaunt!!  So, Abi & I loaded up in the car and raced to the lake, driving to the highest point that I could think of that was super close to our house.


And we missed it.


I tried to stay upbeat for Abi (she wasn’t as excited as her crazy momma about the eclipse) – but we decided that it was still pretty fun to hang out in a field, in your pajamas, playing rock-paper-scissors (abi’s new favorite way to pass time in random locations – or in the car at stop lights.)


It was a memory nonetheless.  I’ll remember our silly chase, sitting in the field with a bunch of strangers, waiting for something that had already happened (thankfully a kind lady described it in great detail to abi!)  Special times with my girl.  Sometimes, it’s just about the story.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day

First off, let me tell you how delightful it’s been to read some of the articles/blog posts that have been circulating on Mother's Day.  So many honest, genuine ‘takes’ on a day that is beautiful and wonderful…but also can bring about expectations that are raised to some insanely high level that is just not practical OR honest.

So, bravo to honesty.

Bravo to genuine.  I will take another helping, please.

And bravo to acknowledge the good that the Lord has done in mommas and through mommas (and the good that is done in our hearts when delightful families celebrate mommas!) – yet also the freedom to proclaim that for some Mother’s Day is a day that can be filled with pain, with disappointment, and with longing.

This Mother’s Day, my beautiful family made me feel loved and treasured.

This Mother’s Day, our church highlighted the cause of the motherless, of the abandoned – and my heart ached, yet my spirit soared with the hope of a movement.

This Mother’s Day, I was thankful for the fantastic, biological momma that I have, the rockin’ mom that I was given through marriage, and the many spiritual moms who love me and offer me wisdom.

This Mother’s Day, I am thankful for a day to reflect, to be thankful, to be inspired, to PRAY more.


*Great post that made me laugh (and cringe) at some silly that has been in the news as of late.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good ol’ times in Houston


Get ready for something truly shocking…the weather in Houston completely rocked.  I’m not trying to be extra negative on Houston (we have a ton of love for Houston and always have a delightful time there); but weather is not usually one of Houston’s finest qualities, in my opinion.  I had to eat my words a couple of weekends ago – the weather was perfect.  And do you know what adds to perfection?  Wonderful family who will heat up their pool so you can swim when it’s a delightful 75 degrees outside!!  Amazing!!

IMG_5922 IMG_5928  IMG_5936

We had MC’s party on Saturday morning (have I mentioned how morning parties are just awesome?!) and then we just got to hang out and enjoy each other and the weather for the rest of the weekend!  McGowns…thanks for the good times.  

IMG_5939 IMG_5968 IMG_5979

I love this next picture…extremely pensive while drinking capri suns.  Serious business.


So, here is to some time set aside for serious contemplation while enjoying something delicious!  I’m thinking coffee…