Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Delighting in Creation

Well, everyone knows that I really enjoy where I work. I have always been awestruck and amazed by the beauty of creation, especially the beauty found through the furry, feathered, and scaly things. I just have to share with you my experience this morning. I arrived at work pretty early, and just kept the doors open since it was still cool (which means under 80). About two minutes into sitting down, turning on my computer and getting settled, a chorus erupted. The white-cheeked gibbons (gibbons are the smallest apes, and they are currently being housed over by the education offices while their exhibit is being renovated) and they have such an amazing series of vocalizations. They started slowly, quietly "singing" and it turned into this loud, intense screaming. Then, our troop of chimpanzees joined in. I suppose they were inspired by their ape cousins! I found myself closing my eyes and just smiling. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. I am thankful to be surroundedon a daily basis by proof that we have a unique and creative God who delights in beauty. My encouragement to you...take a trip to your local zoo!! OR, better yet, come visit the Dallas Zoo and stay with Donald and I. I think selfishly we'd prefer that.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Recently we took the opportunity, afforded by the Labor Day weekend and our dear friends, to visit NYC again! What a wonderful time we all had together! Kristian and Katy Rose are our super cool friends who have committed to move to all the beautiful and exciting places in America just so we can have a free and loving place to stay as we visit! Its amazing how refreshing it was to spend time with Kristian, Katy, Anne, and Caroline. In fact we had such a wonderful time together that we are going to write to Frommer's and suggest they add the Rose's apartment as a spa ha hot spot.

Eating at best Restaurant in NYC... nay... the world!
Us at the US Open!! We had so much fun at the open and even got our picture with some of the players...

Ah... who am I kidding... we had too much fun for just a few random pictures... this calls for yet another... slide show

Marathon and Mexico

In the fall of 2006 Angela had the inspired idea "I want to run a marathon". Once I realized she was actually serious, I was conflicted. Running a marathon souded like a great accomplishment and goal but I had heard many people share a simillar thought in the past and most of them just ended up with an expensive pair of running shoes. But we went ahead and started training and only a couple weeks into the training... Jenny and Brian (siblings in Houston) decided they would jump into the training as well. And... we actually did it! On April 1st we all completed the Big D Texas Marathon! Then Angela and I got to go to Mexico!! (Jenny and Brian couldn't come :( ) We went to El Dorado Royale to celebrate Angela's promotion at work and of course the marathon. We had a wonderful and relaxing time. All inclusives aren't the most interesting places to go travel-wise, but nothing could be more restful. So Angela's idea one Sunday morning led to a marathon and a Mexican getaway!

In this pic you can see Donald dropping off his water pack... not a good plan. The Big D Texas Marathon was the worst put together event any of us had ever seen (including grade school swim meets)!

The Finish Line!!

Our great family from England was in town and this is Molly, the cutest kid and best photographer in England who snapped this picture of herself!

Mexico!!! Lots of relaxing and enjoying food and drink (above). We had a wonderful time and would certainly recommend this place!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Wanted to show off two of the most wonderful little men in the world! Brett, who is exploring the world and all it has to offer at the age of 2 - and Joshua, who will make a very happy McGown/Wallace family in December!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Year in San Francisco!

Based on the excellent recommendation of friends and family we decided to go to San Fransisco and the Napa Valley for our Anniversary. The trip got started extremely well as we met a very kind (and easily sweet-talked) Irish woman working the desk at our hotel lobby. After only a few minutes of our begging she agreed to upgrade us from the 4th floor inside room we booked through a discount travel website to an 18th floor premium room with a wall of windows that overlooked the city! The trip just got better and better! Visting all the great spots in San Fransisco and eating at so many great restaurants was a lot of fun, but mostly we enjoyed vacationing together to celebrate a wonderful year of marriage. Recommendations: Tadich Grill, VSattui, Ghiradelli anything, sausalito's unmarked burgerplace, alcatraz tour (cheap and good), and north shore pizza.

Hawaii with the Roses

So, we think that Maui is one of the most beautiful places in the world...and we're really thankful that Kristian and Katy lived there, thus enabling us to stay with our dear and wonderful friends! From snorkeling, hanging out at the Coconut Inn, SEEING WHALES, relaxing on the beach, to the BEST hamburger (the Don Ho) in the world - Hawaii is an amazing place.

The Dallas Zoo


I think I have a pretty cool job! I get to work with people and incredible animals everyday!

The Honeymoon


  • Honeymoonin' it up in Costa Rica... Our honeymoon was AWESOME!!! Most of the memories are.... err.. private... but here are some notables... the 4 AM flight out... arriving to what America calls a "hurricane" and what we leaned in Costa Rica was just "rain"... Driving the "Jimny" (no typo there) around the narrow death roads with the suicidal (aka better) drivers of costa rica... amazing views... great food... Angela throwing up on the table of a nice restaurant... them ripping us off for some tea that was suppose to "stomach settle" and then pretending to not speak english when I wanted to discuss this bill... the best pool in the world... canopy zipline tour... manuel anotonio national park... love... love and more love!

    • Our Wedding Day

      The Wedding - truly the most amazing and wonderful day of our lives. Never has a day been such a blur and so uniquely memorable all at the same time. This day was so marked by and full of blessing. Remembering... meeting the DJ the same day as our wedding... Sherril the florist... the best friends!... wonderful family... the most beautiful woman in the world floating down the isle... "can you hear him... I can't hear a word he is saying!" - Grandma Zamzow... both of praying before with our closest friends... saying "I do!"... the timeless "softy" chant at our reluctance to food fight... dancing... mash potatoe martinis... perkins chapel... love... love... and more love