Friday, June 21, 2013

May it be the happiest of summers…

Happy first day of summer!!!!!


(at the pool with cousins, quite the appropriate kick-off to summer!)

Ahhh, the newness of summer.  We are all still naive here in  our little corner of Dallas…enjoying summer for its lazy days, fun-filled weeks, and forgetting that the awfulness of August is around the corner.


(this sweet boy later fell asleep on me in the pool…delight)

But not today…today, it is glory-in-the-moment-hallelujah it’s SUMMER!


(Nate loves to wear goggles, but we’re working on the appropriate placement!)

I think Abi & I will be making some ice-cream today…

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sleeping babies


seemed appropriate to put the yawn at the beginning of the post…william at 2 weeks

Oh my goodness, there is something so special, so sacred about a sleeping child.  I really do feel like I am peering in on a little miracle each time I sneak into abi & nate’s room or the nursery and spy on my sleeping littles.


tired lady…sometimes you’ve just got to rest on your daddy

And my, oh my, is my heart full.


sweet nate at 10 days…

There is something about watching them that settles me.  I had a roller coaster of a day today – thankfully, the Lord graciously allowed it to end on such a beautiful high – which was only raised when I moved abi from our room into hers for the night {this does require some explanation – in sweet, little 50’s houses – when three children all go to bed at the same time – and they NEED to sleep right away – one must start their sleep in our room and then get moved.  Thankful for Abi and her ability to sleep wherever!}.  After I transferred Abi – I just stood in the middle of the room and looked at their sweetness.  One of those times when you really will yourself to treasure and remember it.


william at the audubon center…


And then I just had to sneak in and gaze at William…

Sunday, May 26, 2013

William at 9 months {and a bit}

Look out!  Two entries in two days…


Sweet William – you are often neglected on this blog…and sadly sometimes by the camera…this is the reality of being the third I think.  Which is interesting, because OH MY, do I savor you!  I was telling Donald the other day how William has taught me a new level of joy and relishing of moments in parenthood.  I just don’t think I got it the first two times!!  I am convinced that other mommas can grasp this concept on their first baby, and others on their second…but for me, this lesson was anchored in with sweet william.  Much of this lesson is because of my own maturing and growing in wisdom; how very thankful I am that God is a patient and gracious teacher!


William – here you are at nine months!  You are such fun – a little clone in both appearance and behavior to your brother.  You are so chill with whatever happens in the crazy of the day.  As long as you are with someone, you are down for anything!  Sweet pal, thanks for your tenderness, your laugh, your insatiable appetite and for teaching me simple joy.  Your family loves you!!

 IMG_9139 IMG_9130

IMG_9147 IMG_9136

Saturday, May 25, 2013

On taking oneself too seriously…but then not…


Can I just find a balance somewhere in the middle?

I think that blogging might always be an undefined area in my comfy chair, as I sit in our office, in the little corner of the house, in our tiny, sweet space of the world.  Maybe quite a few people think like this?  There have been so many times that I’ve thought about just stopping documenting life and thoughts on this blog.  But, something always keeps me from doing that.  I am by no means part of a large community in the blogosphere – I am fairly certain just a few friends (and my parents!) read this little journal of mine on a consistent basis – but there is just something so delightful and sometimes healing about blogging.  I enjoy that thoughts can be put out there during nap time // that those who might not see and laugh with me can // I enjoy knowing that these glimpses will be able to be recalled by my littles at some point in the future.


At times I think that I don’t have anything interesting to say (oh goodness, silly self-pity/pride) and that no one really cares about seeing another one of these wallace crazies’ milestones.  And there are some amazing blogs that only put up lovely thoughts / beautiful children / wise observations / delicious recipes…and I love them and am thankful for them.  And there are blogs who are so amazingly real…and I am encouraged by them and my faith is made stronger.  But for me, I just can’t keep away from this silly, all-over-the-place, sometimes recipes, never a craft (HAH!), my crazy thoughts blog.  It is a joy to document life here.  I hope that it points to a God who is amazing in the glorious thoughts and is amazing in the scraped knees and bubble-blowing.

ahhh, that feels much better.  Goodness!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Naturally, I like Earth Day.  This is no surprise to anyone.  My sweet husband was pretty sure Earth Day was on Friday.  But, I knew it was today.  Because you see, I like Earth Day.

photo 2(8)          

No super cute earth crafts…because I am not that creative or that organized to have had that forethought.

photo 1(8)

No major outings to the many excellent places that have Earth Day Celebrations…because I forgot to bring Abi a change of clothes (didn’t think gymnastics leotard and spandex capris would be appropriate) and I’m not always brave enough to conquer large ‘celebration’ types on my own with the three kiddos when William will probably need to eat (aka, nate gets strapped into the stroller for safety control!).

photo 2(9)

BUT….we can handle outside time with friends // hitting up the park // generally celebrating the splendor that is the beautiful earth we’ve been given!

photo 3(8)photo 1(7)

we planted some flowers in the side bed that we made a few years ago…very earth-day of us, don’t you think?

photo 5(4)photo 4(6)

we found the largest snake to date…just over 12 inches…I love that these two argue over who can hold the snake.  We’re all totally cut from the same cloth.  Love abi’s face.

photo 3(7)

photo 5(3)photo(13)

photo 4(5)

“I just love that the earth makes me think of Jesus.”

-Abi Wallace, when asked what she loves about the earth…heart is smiling.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh, these girls…

So, we got chickens.  I still giggle when I say that to someone.  They are SO fun and we are enjoying immensely our little homestead in the city.  Future blog post: our garden (or should I say, another attempt at our garden).  Seriously, we want a homestead.  But, still have access to excellent restaurants and museums.  Urban homestead = Wallace haven.

But, these five girls.  They are creating dust in our office, sweet little chirps in our ears, and shall I say a little love in our hearts.  Who knew one could love chickens?!

Cliche alert!!  We got these cute ones for Easter…on Good Friday:



Some introductions:


This is Lizzie (short for Elizabeth) – her breed was favored by the Royal Family in England…hence Elizabeth :)  She is so sweet and was the cutest chick for sure.  Super puffy.


Here’s Harriet.  She is my favorite.  She is the largest now and is like the big sister.  Kind of looks out for everyone.  I really hope she’s not a rooster (5% chance she is) – I would miss her if we had to give her back. 


Please meet Merida / Brave.  She is darling and RED.  A natural fit into the Wallace house!


This is Silver.  She is the most loved of all of the cuties.  Definitely marches to the beat of her own drum and is the most loving to everyone.  She loves to perch on shoulders and is quick to fly out of their brooder.


And this crazy is Daisy.  She is almost as big as Harriet.  We describe her as the girl next door.  Not the cutest to look at, but is pretty sweet.  Although, she is getting less sweet as she gets older!


Reading back over this, I sound crazy.  Or a weird chicken-lady.  Friends, keep me accountable.  BUT, they are so fun and do totally feel like loved pets!



They are crazy big now – and it is insane to me (the pictures above are from when they were 3 days old, they’re 3 weeks now!) that they will keep on getting bigger for a while!  We have about one more month of inside chickens until they move to the great outdoors.  Which means that D&I need to get in gear and build a coop!

More posts to come on these girls, I’m SURE!

Monday, April 8, 2013



Easter was just so special this year.  After reading a pretty impactful article, I feel as though my mind and heart were graciously tuned into seeing this city of mine with an ‘Easter person’s’ eyes.  To want to extend and claim the hope and freedom that Easter offers.  To enjoy the sweet traditions and pastels that Easter brings with it, but to feel the burden to not only allow my heart and my family to be satisfied in this.  HOPE, LIGHT, TRUTH – Easter was filled with these things, and we are grateful.

The theme of our church’s Easter service was ‘The Parade Is Coming!’ – and it was awesome.  Compete with marching drums and all, our hearts are in anticipation for the parade of Christ!  On the flyer that was passed out:

Grief will be undone. He will disclose the purpose of our pain.
No more greed and self-absorption, no more poverty
and insecurity; NO MORE LOSS.
No more flesh-consuming cancer, no more genetic disorder,
The parched tongue will be dampened by the Living Water and the hungering soul satisfied with the Bread of Life.
No longer looking as through a glass dimly lit.
We shall see Him face to face, as He is. And we will be like Him – THE IMAGE OF GOD FULLY RESTORED.
Our bodies will be as His –resurrected, recreated, physical.
We will touch His wounds; He will kiss our scars and
wipe the tears from our eyes ONCE AND FOR ALL.

These words will be read and re-read this year.  They are so true and so beautiful.


IMG_6553 IMG_7358

Happy Birthday, sweet MC!

We usually enjoy spending Easter with D’s parents, but this year Easter fell on Mary Claire’s 2nd birthday and Malia was down in Houston – so the festivities started a few days early!

IMG_7862 IMG_7870

Donald’s parents are so great to bring over an awesome celebration – of course, complete with an egg hunt!  Nate TOTALLY got it this year.  So very fun.  Abi’s sweet nature shown, as she graciously gave up many of her eggs for Nate to find them.  Not the ones with money in them though…smart lady :)

IMG_7878 IMG_7915  


IMG_7881  IMG_7898

IMG_7905 IMG_7909 IMG_7895


Easter Sunday was filled with celebrating and hopeful hearts, yummy food, a lovely drive with delicious coffee around White Rock Lake, and some more egg-huntin’!  The end of the day left our hearts happy.



IMG_8031 IMG_8033 IMG_8036 IMG_8048 IMG_8050 IMG_8052    IMG_8079 




And of course, this will be its own post…but until then…the five Wallace ladies (donald does not like that I’ve given them the Wallace name!)

IMG_8103 IMG_8111

IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8116

We hope that your family’s Easter was filled with true celebration and rejoicing!