Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celebrating one of my biggest sources of thankfulness!

Woosh – that title is a mouthful!


This Thanksgiving was a special one.  It was hubby’s birthday!  Naturally, my reason for thankfulness was overflowing on this day.

I love him.  So much.  Thankful for his life and how it has been used on this earth.  He brings others joy.  He leads our family well and demonstrates selflessness daily.

I am so thankful on this Thanksgiving.

Digging through old archives of this most wonderful man

Wallace2007 277


hot man

Honeymoon! 039

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The one with the Palm Civet & Jack Hannah

*Elaine, I’m single-stealing your clever title for this one post!*

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity with some other co-workers to go to the Hilton Anatole to meet Jack Hannah (our new deputy director of Education was mentored by Jack back in the day…that’s our in).  AMAZING.  Got to touch a cheetah, a clouded leopard (only 3 months old!), a snow leopard, an Anatolian shepherd, and this little lady here – a palm civet!  (Can you tell I’m excited?)


My co-workers, plus Jack:

Jack Hannah 022

For all of you iphone-ers: soon, there will be a Dallas Zoo app!  Get ready!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Showering Caedmon

Two thoughts I had as I was sitting down to write this post:

1) How in the WORLD has it already been two weeks since this wonderful afternoon?  and

2) I kind of laughed as I am writing about something that at least two other delightful women have already blogged about.  But, that made me smile.  There is something very “community and sisterly-esque” about being excited about the same things.  Happy to share in each other’s joys. 

On November 1st, myself and “The Laurens” (a term of extreme endearment!) hosted a shower for the beautiful Katy Rose.  It was such a joy of an afternoon!  Lots of friends from her past and present, family, and two very excited grandma-to-be’s!  And of course the momma-in-waiting.  She had the pregnant glow.  Loved it.  I got to feel Caedmon kick – YAY! 

Some memories captured:


Hard at work!

kshower 1 

The amazing cake that Lauren’s momma made (the carriage matched the design of our invitations – so clever)!

kshower 2

kshower 3

For K&K – a book of encouragement and love!

kshower 4 

In the middle of the night – changing diapers – a reason to smile and laugh!

kshower 5

Oh, Caedmon – you are loved!


Sweet Caedmon – as the days  tick away until this world greets you – you are a loved little man.  It was a joy to see so many women excited for your life.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Poppers have arrived at the Arboretum!

* This post is dedicated to Megan & Lauren Neiheisel and my own momma – and any other co-lovers of popping impatients.

I recognize that this post may require some explanation.  OK, everyone knows impatient flowers, right?  Shade-loving (until crazy scientist created a sun-tolerant variety) , colorful plants.  Really durable, really pretty = really popular.  Well, I love them.  But not only for their beauty, but for their entertainment value.  They have a seed pod that will pop when ready and disperse their seeds (nature is very clever).  Or, you can pop them!   It really is fun.

Well, I check every impatient that I see, and they are finally ready at the arboretum!  I was downright giddy to share this tradition with abi.  She loved it too!  No surprise here though – it’s in her genes.

Share in our goofiness.

(This is the seed pod I’m talking about)



After the pop!  It’s SO fun!! 


Because who doesn’t love some arboretum time?




She sat here for about a minute (that is a long time in 16 month land!) and just investigated the pumpkin’s stem.  I love the budding scientist in her!!


The arboretum has had recreations of houses from storybooks for quite some time now– and we’ve somehow missed this one!  It’s a Russian folktale, ‘Teremok’ – basically a lot of animals cram into a little wooden house.  Creative and clever – we like it.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeding Ducks

Maybe an Abi blog post??  Don’t know.  But, I think that we like feeding ducks equally as much, so maybe it’s appropriate here too.

A peek into one morning:










Friday, November 6, 2009

‘The Most Wild Thing of All’


“And they were frightened and called him the most wild thing of all
And made him king of all wild things.”

-‘Where the Wild Things Are’, Maurice Sendak

Poor Oslo.  I tell him he’s my little, furry wild thing.  Don’t know if he believes me.  But, he likes to act it.  Here he is proving to a little anole that he is, indeed, the King of all Wild Things!


See it on the shutter??



Notice that fantastic camouflage!  Oh – anoles are so cool!  (little lesson if you’d like – what are commonly referred to as chameleons, geckos, etc. are actually green anoles!)

It drives Oslo crazy.  This happens every time we have the windows open.  Pretty sure the anoles frequent the area behind the shutters – and oslo will just sit there and torment himself.  He’ll chuff, hiss, bat at the screen, etc.  They don’t care.  Oslo goes bazerk.  Oh, how we love backyard wildlife!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a mighty, mighty good man

That is my hubby.  Granted, he is always amazing to me.  This is just part of the description of “Donald.”  But – wow – has been phenomenal the past 48 hours.

Saturday Night: Stayed up late with me after Halloween-crazy to begin the prep work for Baby Rose’s shower!  Not average prep work here – doing some drilling, sawing, painting, scrubbing, etc.  (Baby Rose, please take this as a compliment to you and your family – this was done out of love for me as much as for you and your daddy & mommy)

Sunday Morning: Awoke early (oops, we forgot to change our clocks until that morning!) and finished doing random “donald-type” chores around the house.  All with a smile.  All while keeping me sane.  All while making me smile too.  He then took baby girl over to his parents’ house so I could really kick it into high gear.

Sunday Night: Helped Julie (soon-to-be-aunt) and the wonderful Lauren(s) clean the kitchen.  And watched Abi.  And then got her ready for bed because I was feeling “quite pooped.”

Monday Evening: I was feeling quite yucky all day – and in true “Fall 2009 Angela” fashion – I had another 102 degree fever.  BLAH.  I was so ready to have donald home.  Abi was too.  Turns out fever-mom is not a very fun mom.  We were reading books on the floor because I was too worn out.  Wish I had a picture of that one.  Then our Donald got home.  He completely took over.   Made dinner.  Took care of CRANKY abi.  Ran to the store to get me a variety of gatorade flavors because I asked for “different colors” this time.  And some soup.  Oh yes – and then, because I was too worn out during the day – he cleaned the entire house.  I woke up at 9:30 and the house was sparkling. 

Do I have the best hubby or what?

Doon – you are appreciated.  You are loved.