Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Oh, I can hear the groans in reference to that title.  But, I just had to.  I mean, that saying makes me laugh every time!

Anyhow…it’s fall.  Officially.  I can decorate.  I can internally celebrate and wear my sweaters, because let’s be honest.  I live in Texas – sweater weather doesn’t come until post-Christmas here.  I just adore fall.  It’s gotta be growing up in Michigan.  Cider-mills.  Leaves changing to insane amounts of color.  Crisp air.  Ahhh, please sigh out loud along with me.  Now through the end of the year is when I really miss the climate of my childhood.

But, enough nostalgia.  Texas or Michigan – pumpkin pies demand to be made.  Abi and I started this little tradition last year.  I’ve been excited about it for quite some time now.  Because I love fall.  And I love pumpkin pie ( my little secret…I love it cold and for breakfast!).  Here’s the baking events of the day!

*I must add a disclaimer here.  While baking on the floor isn’t typically a kosher practice, I have found that when I want Abi to be really involved…it’s the best way.  She has easy access and can move around easier – and I don’t stress out if I turn my back on her wondering if she’s going to fall off the stool!  PS…this little mat was given to us as a wedding gift – it is amazing.  Take it picnicking – take it to the art projects – take it anywhere!  We’ve gotten more use out of it as parents than married adults…well worth it!

The ingredients are out and ready…


Baby girl working her magic!

IMG_5610 IMG_5618

Hmmm, in the excitement – I allowed a bit too long without watching her…she opened the salt and dumped it on the eggs.  Surprisingly hard to clean off, because the eggs had condensation on them since taking them out of the freezer!


Do you think that she knows she’s a cutie?



Ready to go in the oven (Abi was quite disappointed at this point that she couldn’t eat the pie…try explaining the problems with raw eggs to a 2 year old)


Ahhh, delight.  Please excuse the christmas dessert plates.  I am on an ever-constant quest for all season dessert plates.  Haven't found any that I am completely in love with yet…


To reminisce…


And cheers to you, my wonderful autumn!


Sarah said...

I love fall as well! Come visit! We have the season up here in the mid-atlantic!

Jennifer Hubley said...

What a great tradition! We might have to borrow this one from y'all!