Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I know you’ve wanted this kind of education…


Please meet Mr. Dragonfly.  He resides in our yard – he’s been the subject of many-a-made-up-adventure for Abi & I (really, thought of writing a children’s book – you’d buy it, wouldn’t you?!).  And we think he’s wonderful and beautiful.  On to that education we were talking about.  Scientific name – Anax junius (or the common green darner, green is not specific to species color) – they are awesome to have in your backyard as they eat all of the annoying insects – think of them as the hawk of the insect world! 


These handsome little buddies can fly between 25 and 30 mph!


I saved the best for last…those amazing compound eyes…up to 30,000 facets (nope, not a typo!) can sense blue spectrums and UV light (the top facing ‘eyes’) and orange and green spectrums (bottom facing ‘eyes’).

See, now you can go about your day fully satisfied that you will know something more about dragonflies the next time that you see them!  (And thank you for humoring me!)

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