Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PS Angela


In the midst of days where I have believed the lies that the world would have be claim…a line from a song that has delightfully haunted me…

‘Don’t look to the right or to the left…keep your eyes on me.’

-Bethel Music

Surrounded by women whose company I am humbled and inspired by the other evening – I felt as though the Lord was whispering to me this line over and over.  It has stayed in my mind and in my heart.  The words are healing and are true.  They are certainly not always easy to obey; I would foolishly choose to think that relationships, great organizational skills, waking up early consistently, having a really clean house, knowing with absolute confidence what next year will hold for Abi’s education, eating well all the time, working out with great regularity…and on and on…

I am tempted to believe that those things will provide me with peace.  That they will provide me with comfort and fulfillment.  I try over and over again to control my soul’s journey…this is not what is asked of me.  Gently and graciously the Lord whispers…’please, keep your eyes on me.’ 

And in this place, here I find the fullness of joy.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life ‘round here

I am continually laughing at the things that occur with our sweet little third that NEVER would have happened with our first (mainly) and probably not our second either…

Case and point:



Oh William – thanks for making us all more chill – it’s good to see that you’re taking your own advice.  We love you!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh yes, real life, hello again!

My goodness, this is just how I feel!  My darling Donald has been delightfully not working at the office for a very, VERY lovely 2 weeks.  Just bliss.  This, my friends, is how life should exist.

And consequently, life has looked very different for the past 2 weeks – the holiday season was beautiful – I am thankful.

(let’s be honest, there are more than 2 weeks represented here…but I need to do some serious catch-up!)

My abi-girl was just darling in her first Christmas pageant



We got our first REAL tree as a little family – while our ‘original’ fakerton is still proudly displayed in the office…memories are just the best.


Abi rocked it during her ‘open’ ballet class.

IMG_6757 IMG_6766 IMG_6797

We made the most random, messy, and amazing gingerbread house.

 IMG_6978 IMG_6990IMG_6981

We had so much fun at the Perot Museum…I’ve been waiting for this place to open for SUCH a long time! 



The boys & Daddy turned Nate’s crib into a big-boy bed…it is NOT going well.


IMG_6966 IMG_6967

We had Donald’s 30th party…such a wonderful day.


All of the roommates came in from A&M…a few little bodies have been added in the past 10 years…


We had a wonderful day celebrating Christmas…


IMG_7065 IMG_7087

oh right…it SNOWED


IMG_7177 IMG_7165 IMG_7183

IMG_7200 IMG_7212 IMG_7194

IMG_7218 IMG_7175

IMG_7220   IMG_7225

Celebrating New Year’s (at 8 o’clock) with the most delightful crew…

photo 5 photo 4-1

And all the random in between that makes the holidays oh so special.

photo 2photo 1  photo 3

photo 4 photo 1-1 photo 2-1

photo 3-1 photo 1-2 photo 3-2 photo 2-2 photo 4-2 photo 5-1

As we start 2013…may grace and peace reign in our hearts.