Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And just like that…

My boy is 2.


Oh my goodness.  Look out world, Nate the Great is 2.  And with him will come the tornado of crazy, joy, laughter, willfulness, ninja, and love of life that is my Nathanael.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

6 months


Sweet William…you are six months.  Oh my, oh my.  Even though we would love (at some point, Lord willing!) to add another sweet Wallace to the mix…you are certainly in the baby role of our family.

I baby you.  I so do.  We laugh that it took me forever to put you in the stroller without your carseat…something that I was doing with Nate SO much earlier…but you see, you’re my baby.  Hitting the six month mark is significant – we treasure these past six months of our family and anticipate with humility the next six.


To my sweet baby…please try and nap better in the afternoon – please keep your amazing eyes and that glorious smile – please keep on reminding me that this life is so worth savoring and I need to be intentional in the mundane.


You are loved, dear sweet-six month-old little one!

(from his first eating experience this weekend)

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