Friday, April 30, 2010

In search of that beauty…

I know it’s in there…come out beauty in my closet/home!  Come out!

I love the idea of spring cleaning – I really do.  Sort through items in our home, reduce, give away, recycle…all great things in my book!  But, it’s still kind of intimidating.  I know I’ll get nostalgic over certain items – then have this war in my head of “why would I keep this?  I have not used it in years.” and then “But, I remember when I got this, it reminds me of this moment…”  And my tendency is to just not touch it (which is why moving into the house from the apartment was such a crazy time!)

BUT, there is something that makes me attempt this every year.  I look at spaces and think…so much stuff.  Silly stuff.  Stuff that someone else could use.  Stuff that I should just get rid of.  Stuff that is eclipsing something more simple.  And I stumbled onto this idea…and it made such sense to me.

“All because we are created in the image of our Creator, each of us has a propensity to make things beautiful.

This means that when we decorate our homes, or we plant a lovely flower garden, or add some form of beauty to enhance our surroundings we are actually imitating and approving the works of our Great Creator. We are imitating God!

Now granted, these activities can be sinfully implemented, but we must not overlook the fact that the essence of our desire to beautify comes from God.”

And something clicked in me!  And as silly as it sounds, I got geared up again…it delights me, and my husband, and probably on some level, Abi too – to make our home more simple and beautiful.  So, I’m searching for that beauty in the form of some good ol’ Spring Cleaning!

Phase I – clean out those closets and switch out the winter clothes in favor of the light-weight variety!


(hehe, I mean really…how many blue sweaters does a delightful red-head need??!!)  Answer: lots…he looks really good in blue!  And in fairness to him, they’re all my doing – I find a good blue sweater hard to turn down.


What is also great, is that right now is that our church is preparing to have a huge garage sale to benefit the future children’s area renovations/building.  What perfect timing for the Wallaces – well you know, and everyone else who does spring cleaning in the spring :) 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is Happy Here

‘Here’ is lots of places around our abode.  I am thankful for that.  Lately though, it has been here:


Oh hubby of mine – you are amazing.  My most wonderful donald made all of this!  I am so proud of him.  It is a joy learning with him and an awesome privilege to just me amazed by him.  Talented man.

During the install (the heavy install)


I need to put some pictures up of the finished product complete with books.  I love it in this room.  I start my mornings here, I relax with my lunch (and at times hulu) here!, I am inspired by delightful authors and beautiful books here.  Happy!


(hehe, and as a tribute to book club…the first book that found its home here – before the boxes got unpacked!)


Monday, April 26, 2010


Seriously, I have practically 5 blog posts in my head right now…and my silly blog software won’t let me post anything but text!  Phooey on you, live writer!  Thankfully, I have not completely lost all maturity (you know, yelling Phooey at inanimate objects)…have been thinking some on this man’s wise thoughts lately…

"If God is the Supreme good then our highest blessedness on earth must lie in knowing Him as perfectly as possible."
That Incredible Christian – A.W. Tozer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Abi Diet – Phase I

And Phase I = bananas.  Well, maybe they are further down the list of “phases” as they took some serious determination and willpower to overcome!

The ‘Abi Diet’ is this – simply trying to eat as our dear Abi does.  You laugh.  I am serious.  The girl eats well.  And has a very healthy and happy life!!  And tuned into reality as she is – the girl does enjoy a good glass of chocolate milk and a sweetie every once in a while.  But for the most part – she is a fruit and veggies type of girl.  Not a strict vegetarian, but definitely those tendencies!  My food journey is still evolving as we speak – but there is something about bringing a little soul into the world that really makes you evaluate lots of your practices.  The way we eat has been one of those processes that we are/have been/will be evaluating.  Will keep you updated with our little journey towards semi-vegetarianism!

My victory as of today – eating bananas.  I DO NOT like bananas.  Or so I thought.  But, today for lunch I ate 1/2 of abi’s banana because she only wanted half – and I knew it wouldn’t last until donald got home (which means tomorrow morning for him actually eating it!).  But, I couldn’t bare to throw it away…sooooo, I enhaled – told myself to “suck it up” and bit down.  And really?  It wasn’t that bad!  I’d give it a 5 out of 10.  I’m strangely (and quite ridiculously) proud of myself!!


(a feel-good/responsible general FYI – Whole Foods is the only place that I know of where you can get responsibly grown and fair-trade certified bananas.  Now you know!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sanctification through Motherhood

Abi and I had met some friends at the Arboretum (thank you Dallas in springtime) a while back and we had to leave because it was getting close to nap time.  Due to the high number of like-minded individuals who all wanted to be at the arboretum this day, we had to park in the overflow lot.  This lot is a gravel-lot.  Abi did not like the idea of holding my hand while walking out to the car.  Insert Wallace non-negotiable family rule:  We always hold hands in the parking lot.  So, my darling – sometimes stubborn – little beauty just went down to her knees (she does this sometimes when she doesn’t want to hold hands anymore…oh, the mind of a little one) – and “ouch” – knees on gravel is not a pleasant combination.  The Lord graciously slowed down the next few moments for me.  My first instinct (I’m not proud to admit) was “See Abi, this is what happens when you don’t listen to momma – you get hurt.”  Thankfully my love for her won out and my words and arms just loved on her and consoled her sweet knees and kissed tears away.  I am grateful that was my reaction to her, the Lord is kind and graceful.  Isn’t that how the Lord is with us?  He has given us direction for our lives, and wise counsel – how frequent do we choose to do our own bidding and ignore His loving will.  And when we mess up – as we inevitably will relying on our ideas – he does not scorn us or say “SEE, Angela.”  Yes, he disciplines – but that is out of his great LOVE.  He picks us up, kisses our tears, and then reminds us of his perfect will and design for us.



“I run in the path of your commands – for you have set my heart free!”  Psalm 119:32 (I always love this beautiful reminder whenever checking out Anne’s blog – and Tomba hit on it this morning too – Yes!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Everything IS Different

Awesome Shane & Shane song.  Please, please go and check it out.  The lyrics are powerful.  And upon reading and reflecting on them – they are a beautiful summation of this Easter.  Both in a literal sense and in the rejoicing that we partake in because of our great God!

Easter was beautiful – and so was my family, minus myself because of my silly hair in the humidity!  I could just stare at my little lady.  It was such fun to dress her up and be excited with her over her “pretty dress.”  We are so in love with her!





She had such fun with Easter eggs this year.  With each egg that she picked up…”one more egg?”  We were laughing so hard.  I have put the eggs away now…but we were having mini Easter egg hunts in the days after, because it was just so much fun!

easter egg hunt

One can not forget the yummies!



We hope your family’s celebration of good things was delightful and joy-giving!  We rejoice with you that Everything Is Different because of this beautiful day!

You made a way when there was no way
You covered heaviness with garments of praise
You wrote a song and You're singing it over me
I feel a dead heart beating now
This revelation makes me wanta shout (HEY!)
that Jesus has been sent
and everything is different.

-Shane & Shane

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In this garden of mine

We have been waiting for our garden ever since we bought our house!  We have learned patience – as nature always has a way of demonstrating – since our yard is literally under a canopy of trees.  Yes, shade can be great…but I find myself envying full-sun yards!  Oh, the grass is always greener.  Haha.  But, we eventually found a good place – were able to use our own “homemade” compost – and even used our old fence posts as the sides of the garden bed.  This year is an experiment…if all goes well, hopefully there’ll be two more beds in our little side yard.

Putting the garden in…


What a crazy…who let him out???


Post compost and your land’s actual soil…every garden needs some miracle grow!


Planting those seeds!  We’re trying tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, chives, green and red peppers, etc.  We’re so excited!




She made me so proud…abi and her worm!  (She really liked him/her!)


And patient, patient, patient…they emerge




We’re pumped for lessons learned / money saved / and some good ol’ fun on the farm!