Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, dear Nate!


This year of life with you has made us thankful.  We pray these next 365 days of life offer joy, love, and much grace as you grow into a most wonderful little boy.  We love you, Nate the great!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just celebrate love

Valentine’s Day has turned a bit upside down when you have kiddos.  Really, it’s a day to celebrate romantic love.  However, try explaining that to a 3 year old (who has been excited for Valentine’s Day for weeks, because it is a day that consists of hearts, sweets, and lots of pink, red and purple!) and you don’t have much to go on.  Plus, many of the things that are celebrated or encouraged on Valentine’s Day I find just silly.

But, a day that just celebrates love?  I can totally get on board with that.

Abi too.

We’ve had a lot of fun the past week or so just talking about love.  How much God loves us, how much we love our family, how much I love her daddy, how much I love her & Nate, how much she loves her daddy (and then remembers to add me in for good measure!), how much we love our friends, oh the list goes on and on.  And isn’t that amazing.  Just to celebrate love and the gift that it is.

So to you:


& you:


My heart is full.  I love you two with a beautiful intensity that I am so grateful for.  Oh goodness, and the lessons that you teach me.  The fun that is had, the grace that is practiced…love to you.

And to you:


Oh my, did God pour out extravagance on me.  I love you for the man that you are and the man that you are becoming.  I’m so grateful that we journey together and don’t ever arrive; that we get to continue the adventure hand in hand.  You are good, kind, really funny, faithful, an encourager, you love me well.   All my love to you.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

‘the energy of the American small boy is astonishing’

From this article

Oh goodness, and my ‘American small boy’ is nowhere near the crazy that will continually come.  But, he does leave me pretty darn tired.  His sister too.  Quite the lovely duo.


(oops – but grab the camera quick, because it’s kind of funny, Nate was in heaven)

Through a blog that I enjoy reading (and getting general encouragement from!); they posted a link to the above article.  Some comments of the great C.S. Lewis that I’d never read before.  And we have a general credo in our house that anything that came out of the mouth of CS Lewis is like gold.

My brother and I have just had the experience of an American lady to stay with us accompanied by her two sons, aged 9 1/2 and 8. Whew! Lovely creatures — couldn’t meet nicer children — but the pace! I realize have never respected young married people enough and never dreamed of the Sabbath calm which descends on the house when the little cyclones have gone to bed and all the grown-ups fling themselves into chairs and the silence of exhaustion.

I am so tired on many days.  The house is crazy, I don’t feel like I accomplished much of real value.  Legitimate feelings, but silly lies that are fed to us women. 


Oh, do not be misled…it is not just one couch:


But, I am reminded that this is a beautiful season.  There will be times that come when the laundry gets totally in done in one day (like washed – dried – folded – AND put away!) – and I will miss “the pace.”  Thankfulness.  It so often boils down that that, doesn’t it?  I was reminded of it yesterday by a wonderful woman, and I am grateful for it.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For those of you who heart reading too…

I just love books.  (Insert plug for book clubs in general, such a great excuse to get together with great girls and have a good reason to be consistent in reading!  I might also add that I have the best book club in the world – just sayin’)


(Occasionally while Abi is in school, I’ll try to get some errands done when I’m just a one-kid momma.  Nate usually crashes in the car for about 30 minutes…and I feel obliged to run to the coffee shop and read in the car – a prepared lady never leaves home without her book!)

I want Abi & Nate to love books.  Currently, Abi loves anything “girly” with books.  Fairy tales especially, but I love to see how the classics are just that – classic.  Any kiddo is bound to love them because they are just plain good.  And Nate…well, he loves to throw books and take them off of shelves.  I am trusting that this will change.


(Abi loves to read by her 21st century candlelight…a bulky flashlight)

Great resources are always something that I am on the hunt for during this journey of motherhood…and I’ve found a great one.  And great resources can’t be kept a secret; because that is just plain selfish!  So, as we grow our library, I know that I will continue to check back with this list before I travel to the book store or to amazon.

Happy Reading!