Sunday, September 19, 2010

Green and Clean


Many of us have hopped on board the delightful bandwagon of reusable bags – hooray!  My heart just gets a bit more happy when I see them being whisked in and out of stores.  BUT, there is a whole new world to washing bags that I was naive to for quite some time…keeping them clean.  It makes sense, really – but I had just never put that much thought into the process!  I bring the groceries/purchased items into my house – unload - and then hang them on the back door until I leave again, and into the trunk they return.  Never thinking about the potential nasties that were making homes on my bags and having the audacity to disrupt my little green paradise.


So, read this article.

wash-your-reusable-shopping-bags  (PS, this is a great group of websites in general – very helpful and inspiring!)

Bring ‘em in and give them a clean.


Make a system that works for you.  I only put produce in certain bags – meat always goes into another – and I keep separate bags for the TJ Maxx / bookstore / miscelaneous items, and those bags never enter the grocery store/farmer’s market.

Happy greenin’ and cleanin’!!

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Rachel said...

Thank you for posting this, Angela! I like the idea of using different bags for specific types of food. That makes total sense!