Tuesday, September 14, 2010

State Parkin’

A few weeks ago we headed east to Lake Tawakoni for some swimming, camping, and hiking.  Those were our thoughts, but 0nly the swimming ended up happening as the “low” was only going to be 88 – we didn’t think that Abi-girl would handle the tent well in sauna like conditions!  But, if you’re in dallas, think heading to a state park would be great, but only want to invest half a day…well then Lake Tawakoni is the place!  We plan to go back when the weather is cooler and explore/sleep a little bit more, but at only around 1 hour to get out there, it’s nice to have a state park so close!



Haha, Abi’s a bit of a trucker, a girly girl, a scholar, and a sports fan in this picture.  The many hats (pun intended)of Abi!


Check out how low the lake was!  We visited the lake right before we received the 4 inches of rain that rocked the metroplex…the lake was about 4+ feet low.  Crazy.  It did enable Abi to move a bit more on her own, which was nice for Donald and my arms!  Well, who am I kidding – mainly donald’s arms.



Brilliant Angela maneuver.  First round – bring delicious chocolate cookie that hubby bakes in a plastic bag.  2nd round – bring those cookies outside in a larger bag, removed from the protection of the car.  3rd round – forget that said cookies were brought outside, and leave the bag at the base of a tree.  4th round – Realize that the tree has a small population of ants who apparently have quite the appetite for mentioned chocolate chip cookies.  Awesome.  5th round – Upon leaving the lake, realize that the ENTIRE bag is now the new hub of ant life (headquarters chosen for delicious cookies), place baby in a far away locale under the shade of the tree – start killing insane amounts of ants by force and dunking.



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