Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sanctification through Motherhood


The past few days, today included, have been doozies.  I don’t think that’s a real world, but I imagine that is OK.  We’ve been taken hostage by some sort of summer cold-flu-yuck and it is really throwing me off.  I feel pulled in every direction – I am tired – I am tired of taking care of sick bodies when I’m trying to recover -  I miss my quality afternoon alone time when I just get to have a moment in silence (often accompanied by some yummy iced-coffee!).  I miss having my arms free when trying to change a load of sick-laundry.  Are you seeing a trend in these thoughts?


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I FULL well understand the tendency and temptation to take blogging and turn it into this “look how perfect and well rounded my life and thoughts are” situation – so I by no means want to do that.  There is some honest emotion in those thoughts – it is legitimate to be tired.  It is not wrong to be thankful for and savor alone time.  BUT…


When I dwell on those things – when I dwell on myself – I lose my thankful spirit.  I do not cultivate things which last.  I do not create peace and joy in my home.  I lose sight of that which is truly life.  You see I have MUCH to be thankful for.   I generally have a healthy household.  I am so thankful to be at home with my young ones and therefore even GET to have an hour of peace in the afternoon.  When I am just downright angry that baby boy has once again had a blow out and therefore needs a bath (when there is dairy in the car – and sister is just having one of those days and poor hubby is back in bed feeling miserable); well I am blessed with a home where cleaning my children with clean water, buying good food, and having multiple beds is a staple, something I just expect.  When my arms are tired?  Oh foolish me, what a blessing to have a sweet bundle who feels better when his momma holds him.  When I allow my joy and patience to be stolen from me so easily, I am choosing not to meditate on that which is joy-giving and life-sustaining.


So, with God’s grace I will try again.  Notice there is grace even now, because I’ve had 45 minutes of alone time to even meditate on these thoughts and sip a little bit o’ joe.  Oh my.  With grace I will not pretend not to have emotions, but choose that which is of Him and for Him.


(the pictures?  they’re random, but they make me smile – and I kind of needed to just smile!)


Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts - they are refreshing and encouraging. I hope you guys are feeling better! Lots of love from Waco.

Scott Hubley said...

Well said...

The House that Jak and Nick Built said...

Thank you for this great reminder. And thank you for keeping it real. :)