Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Good Life {Watching Wimbledon}

Yes ma’am, we Wallaces do love to watch Wimbledon.  Quite honestly, we waste quite a bit of time over the two weeks of the major championships in the morning/early afternoon watching tennis.  But, waste seems like such a harsh word…


IMG_1495 IMG_1497


(we’re not too fancy, sangria in an Aggie cup tastes just as delicious)




Quite a delight.  The beauty of this time, all hanging out in the main room with tennis on in the background was not lost on us.  We are so thankful for family time.  Undeserved goodness poured out.


teamfish said...

i love your new blog design! and i love you guys! nate is absolutely adorable, and abi just keeps getting more precious as she grow up. such a great big sis! hope you're doing well - love, biley

teamfish said...

*grows :)