Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Roadtrip {Week 1}

So, I’m throwing chronological etiquette to the wind – here is where blogging is about being a personal scrapbook too, I suppose.

About 6 weeks ago we departed on what will always be such a unique and special time for our family.  We had some time between Donald’s graduation and his start date for work.  We prayed and discussed what this time would look like – and then on the fly with great thought decided to book this insane-o adventure of trekkin’ California (with some Nevada and Arizona thrown in for good measure) for three weeks with our two darling kiddos.  At the risk of sounding too dramatic and being overly “gooey” – these three weeks were amazing.  We were just able to exist and live with one another.  Literally, no agenda or place to be, except for what suited our fancy.  We were just able to pray that we’d be obedient to what the Lord had for us that day.  Unreal and so fantastic.  We are so totally and completely grateful.

Week 1 Itinerary: Fly to San Francisco – Drive to Yosemite National Park – Drive to Las Vegas – Drive to the Grand Canyon



This place was amazing beyond words.  Creation at its finest.  Beauty galore.  Donald’s favorite part of the trip (despite him getting a nasty GI bug and being sick for a good 3 days – and I mean really sick – like me crying in the hotel room sick).  Please go if you can, it was so wonderful!

California Road Trip

{Vegas, baby}


Go ahead, say it.  Who in the world brings their kids to Vegas?  And that is a wise statement!  But, we would add that when your oldest is 2 and neither you or hubby have ever been…this is an acceptable time to take a family vacation, which happens to include a stop in Las Vegas.  Without a doubt the most unique city that I’ve ever been in (don’t mean that in a good or bad way, just a fact in my book – I’ve never been to a city like it).  Abi loved the lights (did NOT like the volcano outside of the Mirage, though!) – and we loved great hotel rooms at exceptional prices!  We’re glad we stopped through…they did have a great aquarium at Mandalay Bay!

 California Donalds Phone

We threw the Hoover Dam in for good measure…


{Grand Canyon}


This place is incredible.  We kind of felt as though we’d completed some sort of pilgrimage upon arriving here – visiting the Grand Canyon is like an American rite of passage.  Looks like we’ve finally made it!  Took us 28 years – our kiddos both made it here before they turned three.  We were both so excited to finally see the canyon – I just couldn’t stop smiling.  It is unbelievable.  Endless.  You feel so small.  We were very humbled.  Pictures do not do this place justice – it is captured in our memories. 


California Road Trip1

Week 2 coming soon…


teamfish said...

incredible! i lived in ca for a year and a half and still didn't see yosemite - will definitely put that on my life to-do list! :) way impressed that you trekked the west coast with 2 kids in tow, AND had the time of your lives. well done, parents, well done. staying tuned for the rest of the wallace adventures!

Rachel said...

WOW! What a fantastic time for the four of you! I love the pictures and can't wait to see more. We have never been to the Grand Canyon, but it just went WAY up on my list of places to visit. So beautiful.

teamfish said...

week 2??