Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer {Delight of a Weekend}

It was just a good one.  Do you know what I mean?  When you lay in bed on Sunday night, reflecting over the past few days, and a smile just easily finds your face.  I found my face smiling last night.

Friday night was spent at Doons’ parents house prepping for Abi’s little party – having family close by is such a blessing.  It is evenings like these that I am especially reminded to be thankful!

(picture from earlier in the summer)


Saturday: the joy of watching Abi with her buddies, amazing feeling of community, and just enjoying spending time with dear people in our life.  May I have a second serving, please?!

(more to come on kiddo’s blog soon)


Saturday night: coolest baby shower.  Some awesome friends getting ready to welcome some little ones into their home.  Visit their blog and be encouraged. 


Sunday: I just love back-to-school.  Our church organized a backpack stuffing shindig (with some help from World Vision) to distribute backpacks to some local communities that our church loves on.  Helping Abi stuff her bag (she picked the green pack - that’s my girl!) was such a treat, and writing her note of encouragement (I just loved this, after the bag was stuffed, we asked that the family stuffing write a note to encourage the kiddo who would be receiving it!) made me smile.  Children have such a capacity to love – honestly and with no strings attached – it’s a good, good thing.



Boxes…and boxes…and boxes stuffed with loaded backpacks…yes!


Sunday night: Enjoying and saying goodbye to some dear friends as they head on out to the wild wild west of Colorado…(boo, forgot my camera…the kids earlier in the weekend)




It was a good one…we are grateful.

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BobbyandShanna said...

Angela! I am so happy to see you posted on my blog! How did you find me? I have look for you on Facebook in the past and thought of you often. You have TWO kids now? Wow! My email is still Please email me and let me know what your life is like/what yall are doing and where and I will be sure to follow your day-to-day on your blog. :)