Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Roadtrip {Week 2}

Alrighty – so here we are for week 2.  By now we had really settled into “road trip land.”  We had our organization system down / we knew the best places to stop (Starbucks, of course, for more than one reason!) to use the restroom / Abi knew what to expect / but Nate wasn’t digging it.  Sweet Nate.  He had his few roughest days this week.  Thankfully we never had more than 6 hours in the car the entire trip, but Nate had a few days where he just plain DID NOT appreciate being in his car seat.  We’re sorry, Nate.  Thankfully, he’s forgotten!  Thankfully, week 2 was also marked by being extremely relaxing.  We didn’t have as many places to be, or really much on our agenda.  We were settling – it felt glorious.  Vacation at its best!

Week 2 Itinerary: Drive to Joshua Tree National Park – Drive to San Diego

{Joshua Tree National Park}


We loved Joshua Tree!  I had visited the area in high school and somewhat remembered what to expect of the California desert – but this place just rocked!  We might classify this as Abi’s favorite place on the trip – she had so much energy climbing boulders, racing around, spotting wildlife.  Such a beautiful place for a kiddo.  The desert and the contrast of the amazing sky, the insane boulders, and the vegetation was crazy.  We just loved how a place could seem so desolate, yet life was literally all around us!  A very humbling and incredible place to spend some time.


California Road Trip2 

{San Diego}


Ahh, San Diego.  The land of perfect climate.  What a place.  Donald & I had each been there separately; so it was such a joy to experience such a great city both together and with our kiddos!  San Diego was the first place that we just unpacked and existed for 4 days.  That felt heavenly.  We visited the grocery store, began and ended our days by overlooking the ocean, just had some simplicity that was so refreshing and became such a wonderful hallmark of our trip!


You know that I’d have an entire collage for the zoo :)  I couldn’t wait to go back to the zoo, and to visit it with Abi.  BUT, might I add that I was so pleased to see some features that I really preferred the good ol’ Dallas Zoo!  Nevertheless, the San Diego Zoo deserves every bragging right that it is given; it is a phenomenal place.  Donald & Abi were exhausted by the end of the day (but as Donald said, what was he thinking – if he is visiting a zoo with me, he will for sure see the entire thing, without missing an exhibit!).  Wouldn’t you know that I forgot my name badge from Dallas Zoo – and therefore “cost” my family $40!

California Road Trip3

Relaxin’ all cool…

California Donalds Phone1


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