Sunday, August 28, 2011


There’s not been much of it in Texas, as of late.  In fact, today in church we heard that there’s been 2-3 days of light rain (i.e. moments of rain) in the past 81 days.  That is dry.  We need rain.

(a few weeks ago, on one of those 2-3 days of rain…we ran outside in the early morning and soaked it up…literally)


IMG_2114 IMG_2136

oh, wet and messy feet!


I was reminded today of how much my faith in my supply of water is only as deep as our water pipes run.  My confidence and faith are not in the one who commands the storms.

(an old favorite)


I was reminded that while I hope for  rain to reduce my water bill – to keep the plants that are still alive (amazingly a few are!) hanging on – that there are millions in Africa who are desperately hoping for water to survive.  To live.  My heart sees its own ugly.  Gracefully reminded to pray for those who need emotional water;  Who need physical water.

Good Article to just get informed on the crisis

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