Sunday, August 14, 2011

Charity:Water – Abi:Party

First things first…check this out:

Oh wow, right?  Like break your heart, make your mind spin wow.  I know that we’re all pretty aware of the water crisis that is happening in the world – but at times it can feel frustrating not knowing how to help.  I think this is where Americans are recipients of a strange grace: money helps!  Donating money helps build wells, and that helps communities get the clean water that they need to live.  Not thrive, not have successful lives…simply live.


So, where does Miss Abi fit in?  God gave a special gift in her.  She has a compassionate heart at such a young age and a wise little heart.  We started talking about how Abi has been given much in life and while God loves all sweet children and so do their mommy’s and daddy’s (we shield her from the reality that not every parent is loving for right now) – not every child has access to the many things that she does.  Even water.  And her little mind remembered that.  And she wanted to help others get clean water.  And she thought the idea that her birthday could help with that was VERY cool.  Which we thought was VERY cool.

So, we hoped on Charity:Water and set up Abi’s Birthday Page.  We asked for our friends and family to give differently…and gracious and beautiful families helped!  And we’re on our way to raising money for other three year olds and their families to have clean water and enjoy the goodness that we have so lovingly and graciously been given.  Here’s her party…

Friends and Family: THANK YOU.  Our hearts are encouraged.

13 people have been given clean water in honor of Abi’s birth.  We are so grateful and excited!

In her sweet words:

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