Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One morning in our summer…

I can’t remember…have I ever mentioned how we love the lake?


Well, just to reiterate…we really really love the lake.  After our friends and our house, it is the thing we are most thankful for regarding where we live.


However, our lake time is severely limited.  I mean it barely makes it into the 80’s at night!  So, we load up the car when the daddy-o leaves and head down the road for some morning lake time.  And hop back in the car so we’re home by 9.  Seriously.  But, we gotta get outside!  We Wallaces weren’t made for Texas summers!

First stop: Dog Park.  We talk about our future puppy.  How Abi will politely ask him/her if she can ride on them (yep, that is what she is most excited about with our hopeful new puppy semi-soon) – what color they should be – what their name should be – etc.  Here she is mid-statement “daddy, please can we get a puppy NOW?!”  Well, that may be what I’d be saying…


Then we have our breakfast and chit-chat.  I love just hearing what she thinks about.  ‘Tis great.


And brother here is along for the ride.  We hope it’s a good one!


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