Friday, August 19, 2011

A week of thankful and extraordinary women…

This is a birthday week in my life.  And the birthdays belong to no one in my “family.”  No one who lives with me celebrates their life this week…oh, but it is a birthday week for me!

God has been generous to me.  He has placed wise and beautiful women in my life who encourage me, make me laugh, convict me, inspire me, share life with me, and mostly point me back to our Lord who is the giver of every good gift.

I really love this week.

All of these women were brought into the world in different years, but I think that God has done an extra special work in the world during the week of ‘August teens.’

*How fun is it to visit archives and find old pictures that bring back great memories?!

August 16th: Dear Caroline


This woman will always be referred to as my faithful friend.  While we have not “done life” together in almost 18 years (gasp!), Caroline will always be close to my heart.   Caroline is faithful and is true.  She is passionate, yet grounded.  She is intensely talented and creative.  I just love her.

August 18th: Wonderful Jess.


*sidenote – I barely have any pics of Jess & I – but that is life.  Time spent with her is also time spent with our delightful kiddos…and they don’t take pictures very well.  When we are with our hubbies – I never remember my camera.

God gave me a special gift in Jess during this stage of my life.  Our eldest kiddos are months apart (I met Jess because our daughters were in the same playgroup as baby-babies), and therefore our lives look so similar right now.  Jess loves Jesus – my most favorite thing about her.  She is generous with her time and models hospitality in such wonderful ways.  I love to talk practical with her.  I love to talk spiritual with her.  I love to laugh with her.

August 19th: Amazing Katy.


Katy is a blessing of marriage.  She has known my husband for a decade longer than I have, and her husband is Donald’s best friend.  I received a friend for life in her when I married my wonderful hubby.  I loved getting to know Katy as teenagers in college…and here we are 4 kiddos later.  Katy is amazing.  Her life is such a beautiful encouragement and yet it gently convicts as well.  She loves her husband and family with a lovely and fierce grace.  Our hearts are often moved by similar things, and bouncing ideas off of her is always a treat.  Katy is wise and humbly offers beautiful perspectives on things.  I always anticipate with great joy spending time with her.  If I could have a weekly date of drinking coffee and eating a brownie with her…oh, goodness.


The August teens – what a week of wonderful women.  I am so grateful to celebrate their lives.

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