Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It was a good, weird day

I liked today.  I am tired after today.  I have cried today.  I have felt sadness with friends today.  I have laughed and smiled a whole bunch today.

I liked today.

It was a day where I feel like the Lord gave me glimpses of His goodness, designed to draw me into more.  To crave time in his words to me, to think (I mean REALLY think) about how to love others better, to show me how to find delight in the seemingly mundane.

I started the day by getting to meet with some women who each week pour into me and share their lives with me.  I am so grateful.  I love Tuesday mornings.  What I don’t love: it was a 3 iron day.  I always feel so silly ironing baby clothes.  Oh well, he did look darn cute.


On to buy sweet thing her school backpack…which I found out that they don’t allow backpacks.  What?!  That seems bizarre and silly.  They didn’t ask me though.  We then waited for 45 minutes for the store to figure out my gift card blues.  And it still didn’t get sorted out.  And I’m the schmuck who waited for 45 minutes in Pottery Barn with two kiddos.  After that…we needed Starbucks.  (Abi asked, I was more than happy to oblige)


Abi is not napping anymore.  Well, that’s a bit dramatic.  She apparently caught the “no-sleep” bug from her friends!  She naps 4 out of 7 days now.  I’m still adjusting to this normal.  Not sure if I like it.  I had asked her to really try and go to sleep (she was yawning her head off) and this is how she appeared 15 minutes later…

(don’t mind all the phone pics…that’s just how we roll sometimes)


Oh goodness.

Sweet little man – we’re learning avocados.  Can he get any cuter?


A certain child loves to take pictures and videos.  I crack up at what she captures and how she interprets what images she “snaps.”  It really is interesting.  Today…not so interesting…I have about 15 of these on my phone right now:


We went to Abi’s preschool parent's night.  Did you catch that?  Her preschool.  Sweet wee one is ready for preschool.  I can’t really believe it.  More to come, I know, but I am so excited for her.  I think she will just love it.  Meet the teacher is on Thursday.  But no backpack.  I don’t like that.  As Donald said, I think it’s harder for me to get over the fact that she doesn’t get to bring a backpack!

And then a date with aforementioned hubby.  So wonderful.  Dinner and then a brief stroll at the lake.  Complete with loads of bikes, loads of dragonflies, and loads of more bearable weather at 9 o’clock at night!


Ahhh, grocery shopping alone.  Enough said, am I right?


Oh, the ramblings.  It was a good day. 

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