Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer is:

Hanging out at the park!  Oh, we love the park(s) near us.  And, as of late, we have been able to make trips to the park in the evening after Donald gets home because it’s somewhat cool!  It is amazing how temperature becomes relative.  The days of 80 degree weather seems like a dream.  We have three main parks that we love to visit – one for shade, one for more baby-friendly, and one for good views and diversity!  It is good to be outside.  Souls don’t do well with too much inside time.



IMG_9112 IMG_9123 IMG_9129





Rachel said...

Hooray for summers spent at parks. Free and fun! By the way, I am a huge fan of your new blog picture. :-)

Rachel said...

How did you do the rounded edges on your pictures? That looks awesome!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

love the new header!!

kristian and katy said...

what ADORABLE pictures!! i love love love them all!! you guys sure make a pretty family.

Amy said...

So who's your photographer...which one of you? Anyone want two little models from my house? Love love "non posed" and sometimes "non posed posed" pics. Different angles, feet, hands, etc. :) Love the parks!