Monday, August 3, 2009

Another year has gone by…

Today is my mom’s birthday!  She is such a special lady.  I am thankful for many aspects of her life and personality; however there are a certain few which I greatly desire to be mirrored in my own life.

1) She is a woman who truly has a servant’s heart.  Through our family (cleaning dishes, running errands, doing the less glamorous work, etc.), through meals-on-wheels, through Steven’s Ministry; my mom is a lady who is gifted at and loves to serve.

IMG_70712) She believes in the power of prayer.  I never doubt that if I am in need that I can turn to my mom and know that she would be on her knees for me.  She is active in daily petitioning before the Lord on behalf of her friends (and those she doesn’t know), believing one-hundred percent that the Lord is faithful to his children’s prayers.


3) She finds great value in being a mother/grandmother.  I have grown to appreciate this quality about her during the past year of my life.  She takes great joy in her family, and finds its members precious.


Happy Birthday, Mom!  We’re thankful for your beautiful life!

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