Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rook, welcome to the Wallace family

A sad event occurred about a week and a half ago in our house.  Phoenix drove out of our driveway for the last time.  What makes the story super interesting is that she drove out for the last time at about 10 o’clock in the evening.  Thanks so the scare of the CARS (cash for clunkers) program ending early, and that car dealerships are crazy and are willing to stay open until 12:30, also, our Dess buddies had a similar problem last month and let us test-drive their Elantra thus making the “quick-decision process” possible, plus that my sweet and darling hubby values a good deal and HE is willing to be up at a car dealership until 12:30 – we got a new car.  Her name is Rook.  Out of respect to our dear Phoenix, we wanted to name her replacement with a mythological name (don’t you judge us) – and Donald found Rook.  Here’s what you need to know about mythical Rooks: they were able to sense the approach of death (believe me, Phoenix has been close for a while), and rooks were responsible for escorting the souls of virtuous dead to heaven (don’t need to explain that one, our Phoenix was virtuous without question).  Now, I know that we sound a bit crazy how attached we were to a ‘97 jeep.  But we’ve had some incredibly special memories in that car – she will be missed.  I got teary-eyed.  We even went to the car dealership again to take our final pictures with her before she “was escorted to car-heaven.”  But, alas, Rook – welcome to the family.

Mythical Rook:

File:Rook25feb2007 02 crfpl.jpg

Our Rook:


Goodbye Phoenix:



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Kristian and Katy said...

Welcome to the Wallace family, Rook! I love the literary fluency demonstrated here with the greek mythology reference - impressive.

A delayed comment is still a comment. Miss you guys.