Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One reason that I was thrilled when our offer was accepted on our house was because our house was in a safe neighborhood.  Extremely low crime rate, the NW Dallas Police Station is literally minutes from our home – you get the picture.  Safe.  Protected.  And it is – our little neighborhood of Lake Ridge Estates is still all of those things.  Mostly.  I get weekly crime alerts from our HOA and most of the time it’s “no recent activity in our neighborhood during the week of X to X”  I’ve come to take that for granted.  Sometimes I’m tempted just to delete the e-mail.  But, over the past week there have been two minor break-ins.  And that has somewhat rocked my world.  I am terrified at the idea of someone else being in our home.  Terrified.  The idea makes me want to get a large dog and a top-of-the-line security system.  Especially as my macho hubby will be gone more frequently.  But, these fears that have gripped me this past week have really been a source of self-reflection – a time to sit and think about how the Lord feels about my fear.  I know he cares.  He cares about me.  He loves me perfectly.  He is my ultimate protector.  He is the creator of all things – he is intimately connected and familiar with each person on this earth – both those whose homes have been burglarized and those who commit the crime.  He knows and loves both.  He loves both.  His heart must break over one child actively and intentionally harming another child – yet love is still present.  And his heart must grieve at one child’s security being ripped away.  But love is there.  And perfect love casts out fear.  We are trapped in an imperfect world – but we are loved perfectly from our protector.