Monday, June 29, 2009

A whole new world

Well, at least a whole new backyard – but it feels like a new world to us!  We’ve been desperate for a backyard for quite some time – but these things take patience, time, and money!  But, we found a great local place nearby who gave us an excellent deal on our sod (we ended up ordering not quite enough!) and we’re on our way to a real backyard!

Some before pictures:

IMG_7949 IMG_7951

Look at us now!

IMG_7976 IMG_7974


It is truly the little things.  I love our grass.  Goodness, this really should be my first installment of a series “Lessons from Lanshire” really, that could be the title of our blog.  This house has been a teacher in so many ways.  Delightful ways, convicting ways.  The Lord has certainly used this “thing” to show us some simple joys and real struggles.  So my Lesson from Lanshire #1 is this – to keep your eyes open to the simple joys and pleasures of life.  Putting your feet in the grass ( much better than dirt!); appreciating vivid color (grass never looked so green to me!); laugh with your child as they explore something new!  As ridiculous as this sounds – I sincerely hope that I allow myself to gain simple lessons and reminders from this grass for years to come!


Brian & Jenny said...

It looks AMAZING! Way to go, guys! I can't wait to see Josh and Abi run around your backyard together!

MMandm said...

great job yall - can almost feel that cool grass! there's not much better in the summertime!