Monday, June 15, 2009

A Visit from the Potters

Special thanks to the Potters for making the long and treacherous drive from San Antonio to Dallas this past weekend to have a mini reunion of the 409 plus wives!  (Dearest Kristian and Katy, you were missed greatly).  Literally – Steven and Jodee were at one point driving behind the storm tracker car with all of the gadgets on its roof!  But, they arrived in dallas safe and sound – and we had a great weekend catching up with our world-traveling buddies!

The bounty brought from the Potter Garden:


Participating in a favorite Potter past-time:  games! (Abi was awake during this game, so my involvement was minimal – but, thanks to Jodee for being an active tag-teamer – ensuring the J/A victory!




Thanks friends for the visit – now just move on up to Dallas!


kristian and katy said...

How fun! Oh i wish we could have been there so much! ... maybe someday.

Rachel said...

What a fabulous weekend! Roses, you were missed and talked about (only in a positive, we wish you were here kind of way). Potters, thanks for the yummy carrots & cookies and for introducing us to The Farming Game. Wallaces, thank you, as always, for your wonderful hospitality and cooking. We love you guys!