Friday, June 26, 2009

Cheap Friday

This actually occurred last Friday; but figured that this Friday was just as appropriate to post our happenings!

Cheap Friday (evening) was marked with a delightful trip to the Dollar Store (haha, slightly ghetto but very practical – and very cheap!) to buy some little wash clothes for abi’s face/hands – as she is becoming a messier and messier eater!  But, we have so much fun perusing the aisles and seeing all that you can get for a dollar!  Here I am drinking from a funky straw – one of our many purchases for $7. 08.


Now, we are also always somewhat frustrated – we can only imagine that these “creations” do not always originate from fair working conditions – but neither do those items found at Target or Walmart – and I just don’t know where to get more affordable goods (which  the affordable aspect is a financial reality at this point in our lives) while ensuring that there is equality and fairness behind it.  We blame our parents generation for not caring enough in the ‘80s when all of the “cheap goods” exploded on the market – easier to blame them then ourselves :)

But, I digress – back to cheap friday.  After the Dollar Store, a quick stop at Albertsons to get the rest of the fixin’s for Donald’s pre-father’s Day meal (since we were celebrating at his parents house the following evening).  Which wasn’t entirely cheap – but definitely cheaper than going out to dinner – so, it still deserves to be included in cheap friday.  Donald’s main wish for this meal: Cheese.  I did my best to deliver.  (OH, it was really healthy too)



And then, the best find of cheap friday:  Painted, clay pots!  I love that we have bulk-pick-up (for free!) in Dallas.  Every third week.  I love this because sometimes you have something to throw away that just won’t fit into those darn trash bins (for us, our demo’d bathroom, an old fence, tree trimmings, etc) but also because another man’s trash becomes your treasure.  This rang true for us as we were walking home.  Check out this find!!

IMG_7826 IMG_7827

I LOVE THEM!  We were planning on buying some similar pots anyway – but now we’ve recycled (one of my favorite pastimes) and saved about one hundred (plus) dollars (another wallace pastime)!

Now only if cheap friday could become cheap monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc. !!!

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