Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back home from back home

Abi and I arrived back from our little weekend jaunt to MI last weekend – haha, and we’re not super anxious to make the trip as a twosome again!  She was such a good girl – but thanks to the industry making sure every plane is FULL – we were both not enjoying having only a square foot or so to move around.  Thankfully Donald will be with us next time!

I went home for my dear friend Lindsay’s bridal shower – it was wonderful to celebrate with her and to share in the excitement of her approaching wedding day!  I feel like these occasions slow down life a bit.  You’re able to see a picture book of your life, which is really special!  Being back at my childhood home, sharing that with Abi, calling the girls who were watching Abi (who I used to babysit for!) to make sure that Abi was doing OK during my friend from middle school’s bridal shower – talk about surreal!  Wonderfully surreal.

Michigan is at its best in the summer, we enjoyed time and love from my parents and grandma and are anxious to be back in July for the wedding!

IMG_7424 IMG_7427

Eating at one of my favorite Rochester spots – Red Knapp’s Dairy Bar – my grandma and Grandpa used to go here on dates!  Pictured above is a shot from the beginnings…(Donald is going to say that this is very “small town”)

IMG_7435 IMG_7430

Attending the Farmer’s Market with my grandma and mom – also found out that my grandpa used to sell things here too when he was growing up!  (Again, here chimes in donald - “small town”)


With the soon-to-be-bride!


Emma quickly realized that hanging out next to Abi was the best place for easy food


Hanging out in the backyard



With the lovely Neiheisel ladies

Where it all began for me – The Detroit Zoo (yep, lest you forget – it’s still Michigan, you have to wear layers in the summer)


IMG_7518 IMG_7500 IMG_7506

Just walking down the street…


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Jen W. said...

Loved seeing pictures of the Michigan Z's. Glad you could make it out to see them, even if it was a short trip. Hope all is well for you guys. Hugs from Colorado!