Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Wallaces aka The Arborists

So in the motivation to save some money, plus we really do enjoy learning ALL (trust me, it’s extensive!) that goes into taking care of a house in general, but especially one that hasn’t had much TLC in the past 15 years – we decided to try and trim (parts) of our trees ourselves!  Donald did an awesome job – special thanks to his parents for owning a pole saw and thus us not having to go and purchase one – and now we have a bit more sun and slightly healthier (we hope!) trees!

Our pecan tree:

IMG_7690IMG_7696 IMG_7694

We have amazing neighbors for multiple reasons, but the reason that stood out that night was that Todd saved Donald’s life and perhaps the life of our dear Phoenix.

IMG_7702 IMG_7706

IMG_7710 IMG_7711

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Rachel said...

YIKES! I'm so glad no one was hurt by the falling tree branches! Way to go, Donald. What a man. :-)