Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sanctification through Mommahood (Hopeful Part I)

Have thought about ideas surrounding this title throughout this past year quite often.  Having a child certainly reveals things about oneself.  Through reading various books, one thing has really stuck out to me.  Parenthood (so for me mommahood) brings about sanctification.  I realize that I constantly am craving for parts of me to be stripped away to reveal what I know Christ is working on in me.  Gentleness, Patience, Self-control, Patience, Self-control, Gentleness.  However, I am often so encouraged because I know the the Lord is graciously faithful and that there is in fact a process that is taking place within me!  An excerpt from a miraculous truth for me that was more eloquently written by Gary Thomas:

“I’ve been at this business of parenting for (in his case less than two decades – for me, insert less than one year!), but I think it’s fair to say that I have been stretched more in the past sixteen (one!) years spiritually, emotionally, and relationally – than perhaps in all the previous years combined.”

Mommahood – it is amazing.



Amy said...

Amen Sister! They are amazing teachers. Just wait until they can verbally correct you - a humbling and tongue biting experience. So fun to watch your Abi grow and learn and change.

kristian and katy said...

love this!! you are so wise to recognize this through motherhood. i pray i will be attentive to these truths as well.