Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Day of Fall (just a wee bit late)

When fall comes and graces us with its presence – Abi and I always have one response: Pumpkin Pie.  I have made one with her each year of her sweet life, and this year was the first year that she was really helpful and not a liability!

We deviated from the norm just a bit and tried Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Pumpkin Cream Pie and while it was delicious (is anything of hers not scrumptious?!) I think we will stick to our traditional roots for pumpkin pie making.


Matching aprons – check.


Some goofy – check.


Love – check.


Abi tossing in the graham crackers for our crust


A watched crust never sets…



The cream – oh yummy.  One thing I really do love about PW’s cooking is that there is always a healthy presence of heavy cream.


Enjoyed while watching the Aggies beat Oklahoma State.  Oh wait.  Our poor Aggies are choking when the time comes!  It must have been the pie…


Amy said...

Yummy!! My Abbie had such fun looking at your pictures.

teamfish said...

oh de-lish! and yes, everything from PW's site is delectable. (have you tried her cinnamon rolls??)

last night i tried a recipe from how to cook everything, and i knew i had to tell you about it. it's the stir-fried broccoli with chicken. so easy, so simple, and SO yummy. not much to it, but the grated garlic & ginger add so much flavor. broccoli's an expensive treat here, but it was worth it with this recipe!

ok, so could abi BE any cuter in her dress & apron? love all the memories you make with your little ones! :)