Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{A letter}

While there are parts of me that rebel against a schedule, the dreaded routine…as I grow I see that many of the reasons that I personally run from these things are immaturity on my part.  Schedule can bring comfort for a child, intentionality for me, and I hope (in this case) encouragement and something that lasts for someone else.


Enter…weekly letter writing.

I have a friend, she and I used to be pen pals.  Then I got lazy.  Then she blessed me the other day…and revived our tradition.  Oh, it brought my heart such happiness.   I LOVE getting snail mail.  There is something so wonderful in a paper letter.  Shared with generations past, something to hold.  Words from a friend who knows my heart and wants it to grow.  Simply wonderful.


Being a recipient of that beautiful act of intentionality led me to evaluate my “letter writing practices” with Abi.  We were kind of lacking.  Yes, we work on her letters.  Yes, she writes her name and other words.  But, it is good for me to be reminded of the reason why I teach her these things.  So that her little mind is expanded and that she can learn the art of thankfulness and ways to encourage others.

IMG_3255 IMG_3256

So, we’re taking a pledge.  Just between the two of us.  To write letters weekly.  To write letters and draw pretty pictures.  To be thankful.  To share our life.  To encourage friends and family.


*Lucky Doons…look what came in the mail for him today!

PS – A fruit of loving getting mail?  Getting to know your mailman.  Ours is such a nice man who is genuinely happy to see Nate & Abi, always has a smile for them, and is so considerate of me and wraps all of our mail in a rubber band (in his words, “so it’s easier to grab with the baby”).  Every. Single. Day.  What a great example of a kind heart.