Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat – Corporate Style

Donald’s firm has a whole family shindig for Halloween – and we were excited to partake.  As stated earlier, we love to steal daddy away during the day…so an excuse to spend time with him without the guilt…perfection!  Sidenote: our “stealing away” occurs during socially acceptable times, aka lunch hour!


Abi loved the ridiculous amounts of candy she got.  Darn cute kid + lots of super nice single guys with no kids who brought LOTS of goodies to share = Candy overload!!


I loved the Flavia machine.  I know, silly.  But, remember that where I used to work we only had coffee if we all choose to make it!  Hmmm…that’s still true for daily life.  I guess that’s why I loved the Flavia.  It’s “free” / it’s rainforest and fair trade / it’s ready in less than a minute.


Nate loved the smiles.  He was held the entire time by daddy and was in Nate-heaven.


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