Friday, April 29, 2011

My oh My – Last class at SMU

Hard to believe – hubby had his last class at SMU last night.  Everything else is projects and take home exams.  I am so proud and thankful for this man of mine.  He has finished this chapter so well.  Not sure where wifely-bragging and obnoxious overlap – so I’ll just say he excelled academically.  (That’s OK, right?!)  But more than that, he has loved our family and me so well through this process.  Even with his crazy first year schedule of full-time school AND full-time work –—we remained his number one priority.  Grateful.  I am SO SO proud to be his gal.

His first night of class, way back when…


Leaving last night…



PS – we will miss this chapter of our life ending.  Having donald home more has been such a good and amazing gift from our God.  I will always reflect upon the past 9 months with great delight.

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Rachel said...

Way to finish well, Donald! It's hard to believe that this season is over... I remember when it was just beginning. Time flies!!!