Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There is something great about being on a college campus.


I always feel a bit more inspired when I’m on one.  That might be totally ridiculous, but it’s the truth.  I shoot for the stars a bit more.  Hah.  We have loved “our” time at SMU.  I’ve loved taking advantages of others being more “with it” on current events than I am – what a good wave to ride!


The Engineering School sponsored an “Engineering & Humanity” week.  How cool is that?!  We learned a TON!  Mostly I was encouraged by how many people there are who truly do care for humanity.  Beautiful.



Abi loved to check out the various living quarters.  All designed to maximize energy usage.  Many of these types of homes are used in refugee camps.  I was moved considering how something so basic could be so dignifying to another person – a home, four walls, when they’ve had everything taken away from them.

IMG_9427  IMG_9433


World Vision had a large booth.  Raising awareness among 18-22 year olds regarding the water crisis in much of the world.  Urging and challenging all of us to create a difference!  To love…

Students were challenged to pick up a water-carrying device and transport water around campus – creating compassion for our neighbors… 

IMG_9441 IMG_9442

A reminder to be about the things that move the heart of God…


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