Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ode to our Oslo



Monday was such a sad day for our family.  After almost 5 years of delightful crazy, we lost our most beloved cat.  My heart is so heavy, as I really miss our little buddy and wish he had more time with our family.  But, he was such a sick little kitty cat.


For those of you who knew Oslo well, he was really unlike any other cat.  He was our cat-dog.  He loved to be with people, and had such a personality.  Granted, he was the first cat that I’ve ever owned, but I feel pretty confident to say that he was the best cat EVER.

 IMG_0137  DSCN1821 DSCN1819

We have enjoyed recalling delightful memories of our Os.  From chasing the laser like a crazy-man, to having a love affair with my flip-flops, to loving taking showers and obsessing over running water, to letting Abi dress him up in baby clothes.  He was so loved and we felt loved by him.

Wallace2007 150 IMG_0539


IMG_8190 IMG_9752

I will miss his amazing cuddles, his funny antics, the way he greeted us when we came in the door.  Our home feels more empty now.


Thanks to everyone who has shared a funny story of Oslo, or just let us know that they are sorry for our loss.  We feel loved by our friends and family – thank you!


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Oh, ang. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so hard to lose a beloved animal baby. My heart hurts for you guys. Praying for comfort during this sad time.:( love you, friend!

Rachel said...

Angela & Donald,

I am so sorry to hear about sweet Oslo. He was such a friendly guy and will be missed by many, including us. I'm thankful for the many memories (and pictures) you guys have of you and Abi with him. Peace and love to you all.

Jen W. said...

Sorry about Oslo. Thanks for sharing your memories and pictures!