Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Weddings

I think I’ve been excited to watch this wedding since I was about 11 and saw a picture of Prince William and thought “oh, he’s cute.”  I was ready, at 3 AM, to let the show begin!


My sweet hubby moved our nifty little Ikea couch out to the main room so that I didn’t have to move far in order to watch the wedding!  I know – I’m silly.

3:30 – heated up my beloved kettle, and enjoyed tea and scones (made by my fantastic, British, mother-in-love)!  I’m not going to lie – watching the Royal wedding while eating scones made by a former British citizen was excellent in my book!


And then my little beauties awoke at 7.  But, in enough time to see the kiss!  Abi LOVED that she was watching a prince and princess.  I just love her.


Still…the most beautiful little princess that I’ve ever seen.  Please note the nightgown that she chose after I told her what we’d be watching the following morning.


What a fun morning.  I was so sad when it was over!  The imagery and the hope that it stirred were beautiful, and I love that we all still love a good wedding.  There is something so beautiful in that.  Our hearts love a wonderful, beautiful fairytale.  I am amazed at how the Lord reminds us of his love for us in these things.  That we are a part of the ultimate love story – a truly beautiful and magnificent truth.

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~The Neaves Nest~ said...

I Would have gotten up for the scones alone:) it was a beautiful wedding and so sweet of Donald to move the couch!:)